Two Critiques In And I’m Losing It…


Not really. And I said this would happen. I made a pathetic joke in my last post about how I would soon be feeling that my work had not received enough praise, and that’s exactly what happened…

So here I sit, trying to figure out am I right or are my two critics right? The criticism, first chapter is too much of an “info-dump”. I know exactly what they mean, and I think ultimately they are right. I’m man enough to admit that. It needs shortened up and tightened up. i need to start more in-scene, in the action.

At the same time, it is the first goddamn chapter! And isn’t all reading ultimately an info-dump? I mean, you are reading hundreds of thousands of word of made up information? How much more dumpy can we get?

And like, earlier today I read some random person’s criticism of Tolkien that he was boring, and all the background information in his work was unnecessary, and I find that fucking shocking, because I absolutely love taking that slow, detailed journey with Tolkien. Not that I’m some Tolkien, not even close.

And like a sick bastard I had to go read the second critic’s story, who I’m pretty sure stopped reading a few hundred words into mine, and whose own posting is a massive info-dump!

It’s petty and ridiculous, and I basically agree with the criticism so I should’t be salty, but fuck. And I’m the one who asked for it, and it’s just one person’s opinion, two people’s opinion actually, and it’s not that great of a story, but man I have worked and worked, and it’s like fuck if you thought this three thousand words was an info-dump, what are you going to think about the other eighty thousands words!?

Breathe. That’s the key. You have to breathe. This is the work. This is the process.

We got one more critic coming down the pike, so stay tuned. (Oh god, more bad writing. Who says “coming down the pike”? It is colloquial and fake, betraying affectation. And then I say “stay tuned” which is again cliche, and anachronistic. You’re not tuning into this at all, goddamn it. Why would I say that?”


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