Second Chapter Posted (What Do I Expect)




So I posted the second chapter of my book on to for review and I thought it would be interesting to critique myself before I get any reviews. 

I think that like the first chapter, there could be the accusation that things aren’t moving fast enough, and frankly looking further ahead things don’t really heat up action wise for two chapters. I’m still having a hard time imagining the story sped up. I have a sort of “Running Man”, “Hunger Games” thing going here and so that localizes a lot of action to those chapters. Working the story out, right now I feel it like its rhythm is a chapter on a chapter off, sort of thing. 

I don’t know. I think that’s the main criticism at this point is that it is just boring. There’s sort of a lot of information there, and the strangeness and tension is sort of subtle in the character’s experience. That’s what weirds me out too about the couple of reactions I have got is that it is sort of ho-hum nothing happening vibe, while the character is like locked up by freaking androids! 

The actual writing itself I think is getting tighter, but I still don’t know if we are going anywhere. I’m going to post the second chapter up here too, so maybe you all can let me know. Still desperately waiting for my first comment! 




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