Motivation (On Writing and Editing)

So I am getting a little word overdosed this weekend, so I thought in today’s blog I would just show you some clips and music that I like to use to get motivated. I would love to hear any motivational tools you use to get your art done?

I love powerful speeches like this. They are always my favorite parts of movie and favorite parts of books too. Anything that can capture that adventurous, conquering spirit is so empowering and motivating. Al Pacino is the best at it and Rocky movies, and Bruce Lee movies. Damn, if I watch some Rocky I can chop down a mountain bare handed in the snow, shirtless, fighting a bear!

Damn here’s another one. Stuff like this is too good. Dare to lose. Dare to get it and try again. Don’t stop. Get it.

Oh and this legend Mr. Bob Marley, especially this song “War”, this can put me right in the creative space instantly.


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