One More To Go (On Writing And Editing)

So, I have been very sick, and la familia had been sick, so things have been a bit of a downer lately. Rest assured the editing continued. The authoring continues until my dying day. I’m weird about it. 

I got one last chapter left on this comprehensive round of editing. This beast is made; now I just got to sand it out. The cement is poured and the pillars are drying, walls are built, trim is laid, studs are up, and sheetrock is a hanging. Okay I’ll stop with that. 

But yes, I am feeling something of forward movement on the book and it is exciting. I am sure there will be a backwash of self criticism shortly, but tonight, stuffy nosed and a little head achey, I can read back over my work and enjoy it, and that is something. 

I am going to finish the the last chapter in the morning, and then I am going to visit my grandmother and walked around with my wife and kids around a lake, because spring is here! (to me anyway) My next writing session is going to be finishing this short-story I been banging on, called “Scrubber-boys.” I’m really looking forward to that, and after that, who knows!? I plan to let the book settle for a month and then do two more read through edits and fully share it on here and Scribophile, make sure it’s exactly what I want and then I am going kick that thing out of the nest! 

After of course, formatting the book, and doing cover art, and figuring out the finer points of self-publishing, oh god……


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