Have Fun! (On Writing And Editing)




You want to know how I know I am a writer? Because I am having fun doing it! Like, a lot of fun. It’s that simple. Writing isn’t something that drains me of energy, but something that gives me energy. Though I rarely meet my highest expectations, I always make a little forward progress and get closer to being my best as a writer.

I finished the first draft of a new short story today, and it has me very excited. Like, I like the story. There’s some good elements there. It made me laugh and cheer, maybe even tear up a little bit, I don’t know. The work is a step towards a larger imaginary space I am working at creating and it is exploring themes that are important to me. And I’m excited to let my wife read it!

This is what people mean by they “can’t not” do something, the urge aspect of certain behaviors. Once you have experienced a joy like that, you have to keep going; it directs you. This mindset allow you to come at your art from a pure, healthy place. Have fun at your art; it shouldn’t be a struggle or hard, through you will definitely struggle and it is hard! Joy in the struggle; that’s the transcendent goal in art. Make a meal more than a meal. Make a book more than just a book. Make a painting more beautiful than life.

Editing looms like a mountain before me. I have got to start finishing these projects. The books sits in the basement, getting hungry. I want to let it loose, but I got to let it germinate for at least 2-1/2 weeks or something…just ignore it…So yes, instead I’m going to focus now on editing another old short story, and get that finished!  Keep an attainable goal in the front of your mind. 





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