The Muse (On Writing & Editing)

We take certain things for granted, I think. Art especially, I guess. One reason art is criticized is because children seem to be so good at it, predisposed to it in even The force of shame is a remnant of the Industrial Age, where men were supposed to do man’s work and woman were supposed to stay home. Thinking about it, this may only apply to the rich folks; poor people have to work all the time.

Maybe it is this confused historical paradigm which has lead to Art being seen as such a base, sophomoric pursuit. All that is probably subject for another blog, what I want to write about is the figure of the Muse.

In Homer and other ancient works the muse is invoked at the beginning of the poem. This ritual has continued into the present if you look close enough. Read a bit of the writers talking about their process and the Muse will come up.

What is the Muse? It is this strange sense one gets when doing art, where you sort of turnover to this purely creative force, which can speak and act on its own. The writer can become possessed as it were, by the Muse, and stuff can sort of just bubble out?

Now as you play with this, you begin to realize the Muse is a lot like you! Whouda thunk it? So this means, it likes what you like, chocolate, coffee, music, good smelling incense and candles. So you realize quickly that if you share some of your goodies with the Muse that can kick your creative process into high gear.

Be cautious though. Don’t see the Muse as some hedonist that if you overdose on chocolate it’ll give you a masterpiece. The Muse does not like to be fucked with. That means it appreciates a tight, closely followed schedule. If you really want it to show up for you, you’re best to show up everyday.

I also believe it is the Muse that requires all the extracurricular reading as well,. for two points. One the pleasure principle we first discussed. Second though and more importantly it wants you to beware of certain works, so that you don’t go wasting its time trying to rehash the same old thing. The Muse is a critic, rational and right. Sloppy business will begin to agitate it. This is connected to writer’s block I imagine, and it is the Muse which is doing the blocking.

The Muse is a free agent, and the business is good. It is best to recognize this and be very considerate of your Muse. When proper order is maintained a healthy relationship can occur. If it’s not found, things can be dangerous. A runaway Muse can be deadly, no more evidence of that is needed than the deadly history of Rock and Roll. Breaking up with the Muse, or worse fighting the Muse, all can have disastrous ends. Therefore it is helpful to recognize what you’re dealing with, and don’t be demanding. Offer the gifts to the gods and then write it as it comes!

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8 thoughts on “The Muse (On Writing & Editing)

  1. I wandered onto this site quite by accident from another blog I was reading. This is going to take a lot more reading before I can put together a reply that doesn’t say something meaningless like, “great blog! Come read mine!” which I see quite regularly by people who are just starting out and don’t see their writing going beyond the wordpress community, and what can be easily used like a social platform of “I’ll *like your post and you come *like mine.” so people can see that it is popular. I read a post last nite that had 36 replies, 18 from the blogger herself, and there was NOT ONE thing written that was actually about the post and was longer than one short sentence. But now it will show on her stats that it was probably her most popular post. What’s the point? It’s like trying to get people to like your facebook post when you showed a video of your cat chasing a string and thought the world would be interested in seeing it,

    So…to end this, I will be back. I think there just may be words here that will be interesting to read.

    1. Thanks for you comments and for future views! Yeah I share your opinions on this matter, I try to keep all my interactions genuine and real, because as you say there probably is a way to drum up hits and views, but what’s the point in the end?

      I am actually currently part of this great Chain Fiction exercise through this blog and that has really produced worthwhile contact and exchanges. So I think thats the key, find activities and groups with your blog that have a lot of interested participation to begin with and then add your own genuine participation and I think that’s when the magic starts happening.

      Anyway, thanks again for your thoughtful comment and I hope you can find something of interest in my blog. Come back anytime 🙂

  2. An artist friend of mine is in the habit of saying, ‘Suit up and show up’. The rest will follow in its own time. Patience, perseverance and a healthy respect for the greater force, the muse.
    ….”It is this strange sense one gets when doing Art, where you sort of turnover to this purely creative force, which can speak and act on its own. The writer can become possessed as it were, by the Muse, and stuff can sort of just bubble out?…”
    This is so very true!!!
    I really enjoyed reading this post. I needed this reminder too. 🙂
    Thank you so much for the follow!

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