Raining and Trekking, so Rhyming!

Awesome picture and adventures!


It was about one year ago, I did my first trekking during the monsoons. Many people either conveniently avoid trekking in the rain or not even think about it at all! But once you do that, it is altogether a new experience. There were three friends including me for this trek. We decided to go to Paithalmala (Vailthalmala), the highest geographic peak in Kannur which is 65km away from Kannur town.  Nearest town where you can get a direct bus to this places are Kannur and Payyannur or Thaliparamba in between these two. Nearest railway station is Kannur or Payyannur. Get a bus to Pottemplavu if not to  Kudiyanmala. Pottemplavu village is where the Paithalmala hill station is located at.

Paithalmala Map Paithalmala Map

In this map route from Thaliparamba is shown.

So we started off from Kannur. After bus hoping we reached Pottemplavu bus stop. The KSRTC bus ride to this place…

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