Tattoo You (A Men’s Night Out)

Awesome blog from guy to “Fellow Men of My Neighborhood”.



I’m part of a group of guys that goes out monthly in my neighborhood to, well, drink I suppose, mostly. But they’re very fun, and we manage to sneak some other activities in there as well. Anyway, it was my turn to host, which really means decide where we’re going to drink, and I decided to put a spin on it. “Memorable” was my theme for the evening because usually I can’t remember anything afterwards.

Here’s the text of the invite for our little men’s night out. Are you “A” or are you “B?” I will update with the tallies as they arrive. Right now we have two “As” that will attend, a couple “As” that “would attend if they weren’t traveling, on the road, whatever. (I’m happy to reschedule.) Silver Balls, btw, is by no means a compliment.


Fellow Men of My Neighborhood,

Here are Two Plans…

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