Conversation With the Muse (On Writing & Editing)

I was coming down the stairs, checked to see if the Muse was there. I thought, “Today Muse, how about we write whatever you want to write.
“Perfect,” the Muse said, “the setting is on a veranda–”
“What’s a veranda,” I interrupted.
“Look it up.”
“You know “veranda” sounds too Victorian, like that book I am reading. I don’t necessarily want to write something like that–”
“You told me we could do what I wanted to today.”
“Fine, we are on the veranda. What next?”
“There are three people there. One is the Misses of the house. The other are her two best friends. One is her Fiancé Henry, the other is her best friend, Abigail. She had been told that day by her nanny Matilda, that her two friends had been discovered in a pantry last visit, engaged in some heavy petting.”
“Listen, this sounds sort of interesting, but I really don’t want to get too deep into something like that. It’s not really my style. I want to stay a little more modern I guess, I think people find that sort of thing tedious–”
“Well,you are enjoying Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell fine enough, aren’t you?”
“Yes, of course, a Masterpiece,” I said. “But that is what makes it unique you know? I also like the subject matter itself, and I like the style too as a matter of fact, I am just saying that I don’t think it is what I am going for.”

The Muse ignores me now. I go about my home making for another hour so. I decide to bribe the Muse with a treat. I make it an extra large cup of coffee. This is special, a night time batch. The cup is filled to the brim and I have to slurp it down with an ice cube in my mouth, so I can make my way downstairs.

I sit downstairs at my computer, clicking for interesting stuff. I can feel the Muse sitting there behind my eyes, looking at its nonexistent watch, as if it has somewhere to be. Like it doesn’t have all day for this, if I want to get going I better get started, it thinks. I tell it it’s only 5:30, we got until 7:30-8, no need to rush. It takes that as a challenge and sits backs and sips the coffee.
Ego takes over for a while here. Checks the stats on the Blog. Ego notes we are hitting record high views here, 12 in one day. “We could be a big deal,” it thinks.
“Fine,” I said,” How about we write this? Our coversation?”
“That’s gross Sir,” the Muse said. “Schizophrenic actually.”
“That’s a little harsh. Besides it can’t be schizophrenic if you’re real?”
“Tedious,” the Muse said.
“Well that is what I am going to do,” I said. “I got nothing left in the tank anyway. And I think this might be more interesting.”
“I’d rather stay on the veranda.”
“Fine, I meant no disrespect. Please let’s begin then. ‘A veranda, covered in holly…’”


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