What can you #write in Ten #Sentences ? #heywriters

“One don’t talk to me like that,” he said. “Two, you put that that money back in your purse, and shut it up there. The women held the three things clumsily, the five grand, a phone, and here small purse.
“LIsten John,” she said, “you been bugging me for five months for this cash. Now I give it to ya, and you eighty-six it?”
“Listen Carol, you and Mike have owed me money for the last Twenty years, all right?”
“Mikes, been in the hospital seven months, after five of those, I started hearing this all.”
“Carol, lets be reasonable you take twenty-five hundred, and then you just give me a four or five dates, all right?”
“You got me once John,” Carol said, “leave it at that.”
“How about the hundred grand I put in that house?” She grabbed her pack of cigarettes out of the purse and fumbled and dropped four into the cup holder. John picked up one and sparked it.


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