Snippets #13

Alexandre Dumas- The Count of Monte Cristo

‘But, Monsieur, you too might say that yourself because, as long as you live in France, you are automatically subject to French law.’ ‘

I know that,’ Monte Cristo replied. ‘But when I have to go to a country, I begin by studying, by methods peculiar to me, all those persons from whom I may have something to hope or to fear. I get to know them quite well, perhaps even better than they know themselves. The result of this is that the crown prosecutor with whom I had to deal, whoever he might be, would certainly be more put out by it than I would be myself.’

‘By which you mean,’ Villlefort said hesitantly, ‘that, in your view, human nature being weak, every man had committed some…error or other?’

‘Some error . . . or crime,’ Monte Cristo replied casually. (544-5)


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