Great metaphor for writing!

Author Amie Gibbons

Alright, first of all, sorry about the neglect the past two weeks.  I’m home for the holidays (check the pretty pretty pic) and they have been busy.  Finally have some time to breathe.

I also took about a week hiatus from writing… anything, and so I’m still trying to finish my Nano novel.

And here’s what I’ve noticed while trying to write out my climax.  (Younger readers, some of this is dirty and probably crosses the line into Not Suitable For Minors.  Under 18?  Don’t read this.  Writer over 18?  Read this.  Male over 18 at any level of experience?  Definitely read this 😉  I got this idea mostly because of the word climax, a novel is like seducing your reader and having a romp of (hopefully) good sex.

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