Update (On Writing & Editing)

“The Author/The Mad Man/The Monkey”

I am really enjoying the evolution of my blog here, but I feel like the “I” of the situation has been missing, so here I am. The original idea of the blog was to follow my work as I finished editing my first book Sumer, which is currently just the top layer on the slush pile.

In the process of editing that book, I began to realize editing was a whole different sort of thing, and that it would requite a lot of effort on my part to obtain those skills. And so with Sumer sort of half edited, I realized that I needed to focus on some of my short stories, so that I could actually have a chance of finishing something for distribution.

Meanwhile last year, I made a fifty spot on some food writing, read about 30 books, began my regular blog series Snippets, and then best of all I got involved in this great Flash Fiction chain, over at Photrablog’s page. I’m feeling my blog and other social media platforms are definitely a worthwhile tool for developing as an author.

And crazy enough with all that, I am almost finished and ready to publish my first short story “Arms in Ankeny”, which I will have more information about soon. (BTW I am looking for beta-readers so if you got skills and want to help holler at me!)

Undoubtedly, I would say the Flash Fiction chain, in terms of my blogs, has been the most amazing thing. So what I am thinking about is, how do I make my blog more active and worthwhile, and the answer is right there, get involved in more Flash Fictions chains! So to any readers out there if you know of great chains going, or other sort of online collaborative writing groups, please let a dude know.

More over, let me say to any developing author or general reader, I love talking about the skills of writing and editing and basically anything interesting, so if you are developing your own skills and want to talk shop, or have any great ideas or suggestions to help me develop, please say hello. (Forget the scary portrait above too. I am quite nice, I can assure you.)

And really just say hello anyways,  to me or anyone else really. That’s what these blogs and other things are for, to meet interesting people. And like everything, you get back what you put out there!


5 thoughts on “Update (On Writing & Editing)

      1. Very true my friend and I definitely believe in the whole “if you build it, they will come” thing too. Might just have to give it a try. Thanks for the encouragement.

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