Flash Fiction Chain #6 Round 2 (The Wedding Bells Part 18)

All right everyone, here’s the deal. This is round 2 of a sweet Flash Fiction chain hosted by the amazing, international man of travel and the Art, Jithin, over at Photrablogger. The basic idea is we take the photo and then we each get a turn at writing a piece of the story; it is amazing fun!

So please, go back to my original post here. Read all those sections. Then read all these sections:

10. Soul-Spirit

11. Phaena Says

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15. Hidden Stars Fiction 

16. Itchy Quill

17. Dr. KO *!!!!! (So a bit of egg on my face, I missed this section before I started writing my section, because of this my passage may seem a little out of place, I tried to smooth that out, but I hope in the spirit of the chain it can still work, if too many of my coauthors disagree I would be open to changes)

And then enjoy my new section here, The Wedding Bells Part #18:

Sara ran the now familiar halls in the dark. It had been such an eventful weekend. She couldn’t believe how much fun she was having. She heard about the halls under the Blackwell estate almost year ago to the day. Another one of her parents’ friends had dragged her out here, dolled her up and made her walk down the aisle, with all those faces staring at her, smiling, full of teeth, tossing those stinky petals.

She had been chasing some other kids around, dodging Grandmas with strong fingers and adults wobbling about drunk sloshing their glasses, when she saw a group of suspicious teenagers making a break down the hall of the labyrinthian estate. Her parents weren’t really paying attention to her and before she knew it, she was following behind the group, eavesdropping like a spy. They were joking amongst themselves, and then one of them mentioned the riches which were alleged to be under the mansion. She hadn’t known what “alleged” meant then, but she had known words like “riches” and “treasure.”

She dreamt about the Blackwell treasure for the next year. Her dreams became better than the books her parent’s read before bed each night. To the point where they stopped reading to her and she would just snuggle up and drift off, and she would dream about running through the Blackwell estate.

In the dreams, she would find a bureau, with a giant mirror. It was beautiful, heavy, and serious. Nothing like the plastic thing she had in the corner of her room. No, this was a Princess–no, a Queen’s bureau. There were all sorts of wonderful powders, makeups, and shiny rings and necklaces, and in her dream she would sit before the mirror, and attendants would appear around her and began to prepare her and then she would just look perfect, way better then she ever looked as a flower girl.

Then, strangest of all, she would see herself in that mirror older now, with long hair flowing down her shoulders. She looked so proud and stately, that she barely recognized herself. It hurt when her parents would rip her from it and she would be forced back in the regular world.

She made a hard turn in the dark, ran down a short hallway and things changed. She didn’t like this part of the hallway. It got distinctly colder as she walked and ever so slightly descended as you walked. You walked this hallway until it ended abruptly and then you had to take a hard right. Then it was a steep set of steps and then you were on the rock.

She waited for months for some word from the Blackwell estate. There were vague guarantees about their ability to get back and get more apples and pears, but she feared she may never really get to explore under the place. But then her Mother had said that sweet, wonderful word, “Wedding.” Exactly she said, “That’s unless Mel’s pulls the triggers and get’s married. She swore you had to be her flower girl in her wedding.” That sealed the deal. Sara had known her fate.

She waited for weeks, for some movement on the wedding. She would watch Mel and her boyfriend every time they were around for some sign of their impending marriage. She never saw it though. They didn’t seem the marrying type, too distracted or something. She gave up, left with her dreams and some vague promises of fruit in the fall.

Finally, she got word. It was no big deal to her Mom, tossed out over soggy Cheerios one morning, but Sara had cried. Her Mom had thought it was bit of an over reaction, but you know “kids”.

She made it to her hard right and stopped. She couldn’t believe she was coming back here, not after what had happened since last time. Hadn’t she caused enough trouble by now? The wind pushed up the stairs and hit her with a wet coldness.

She couldn’t believe her luck when she got the details about the wedding. They would be spending the whole weekend at the estate. Her and her parent would have their own room. She would have a couple days to do nothing but peek around the place.

Her dreams had been incredible then. She should have taken that as a warning, that maybe something strange was afoot, but she had been just a child. She dreamt about all the hallways and turns she had to take to make it to this hallway, to make it down the stairs, to make it to the cave.

She never got a sense of how big the cave was, she was much too frightened to go exploring. No, from the dreams and in reality, she knew that after she walked down on to the rock, that she was in a giant cave. There were a dozen poles, bolted in to the rock, that had lights on top of them. A sensor made them lit up as someone began walking past. They lit the way to a large airplane hanger, which stuck out like a sore thumb in the cave, but in there was her bureau and a hundred other things, including a large plane.

It had all been exactly like that when she finally snuck down there. It was the night of the bachelorette party. Her Dad had taken a nap, while her Mom was out. He wasn’t close enough with the groom, or anyone else really to go along, so he volunteered for kid duty and then had fallen asleep. She had been extra content reading her books and then curling up and watching a movie. Second he was out, she went for a glass of water and began to mosey about the place.

She found her first stairway, right where she had dreamt it, tucked into the corner of the kitchen. There was a short hallway at the bottom, then a large door, which could be locked from the house side, and then she was in the tunnels. She had ran through the tunnels so excited to get to the hanger. She made it to her hard right, and then she was flying down the stairs, she slipped for a second on the damp rock and had to brace herself. There was the hanger from her dreams!

Sara realized now standing in front of the hanger, after everything that had happened, how silly she had really been. Things had been different then in her dreams. The hanger was old and unused, it seemed. She figured everyone had forgotten it.

The plane was there, dirty with huge cobwebs dangled from its wings. She went right for the back section, expecting her bureau, and she had found it, but everything had been cleared off it, even the giant mirror was gone. It was all dusty, yellow and faded. Nothing like she had imagined.

She wandered the hanger for sometime that night. Even tried opening the door to the airplane, but she got horribly messy in the process, and found the door locked. She found a stockpile of ammunition and a pile of old rifles, that looked dangerous, along with a pile of camping gear, tools and rations. She was just about to start crying and run from the place, when she noticed a door, which had never been part of a dream. She found a padlock on the door, it was shiny and new, and she recognized that it showed someone had been down here recently. She contemplated it for a while, walking around the hanger, looking for anything else of interest, but she kept coming back to the padlock door.

She realized she had crossed a line, in coming down here; she needed to go back, but something was bugging her. Her dreams had been so great, and the table had been so gross and nothing was quite how it was supposed to be, but she still sensed that there was something magical in the place. Which is why finally, she had taken a large crowbar and wrenched the padlock right of the door; she busted her knuckles in the process and began to cry and for the first time she felt scared in the whole thing.That seemed like ancient history now.

Door opened, a light clicked on and it was like finding the inside of a genie’s cave. There were piles of money stacked up, a veritable rainbows of colors, bricks of shiny gold, more weapons, rifles and pistols, all shiny, new and deadly dangerous.

There was a finished wood bar at one end and on top of it there were five bottles; five bottles that had in her dreams. There we lit up, on display on top the bar. But unlike her dreams there was very little liquid left in each bottle. The shiny red bottle that was in the shape of heart held the least fluid. She knew from her dreams that was a love potion. One bottle was like a tall slender diamond and had the most liquid still in it. One was tall, glossy black and rectangular and made her feel like she was going to throw up. The last two were simpler glass vials, but they both had ornate stoppers on top of them. One of them was a brain, caste in nugget of gold, and the other was a thick red bull, horns and all. This was the magic; she was sure.

As she sat in the room, that night, she began to feel lightheaded, dizzy, and then it seemed like the bottles started calling to her, reminding her of the dreams, offering her a taste of them again, which they promised would be so much more incredible in real life. Unfortunately, she knew now, she decided on one, the Brain vial, which was the only voice which seemed to make any sense really, but when she reached for it, she stumbled and the vial went spilling all over the counter top. In her panicked state, she began to try to wipe it up with her hands, in some weak attempt to put some back, realizing as she did that she’d made a grave mistake. As the cold liquid spread on her hand and she began to tingle, the dangers of the whole affair pressed in upon her and she succumbed to it and collapsed to the floor.

She panted now in front of the hanger. She wondered if they were still chasing her. She felt like she had lived seven lives in the last two days. It had all been so much fun. She wished she could start it all again.

She had woken up, sore, scared and something else. Words and ideas were just pouring in upon her mind. She had never thought like this before. It was like she had woken up a complete adult, that was still trapped in a child’s mind and body. Every memory she did have in her little brain was compounded on itself a million times, until they all took on greater and greater significance and explanatory value, with that she began to realize how much she did know, now that she thought about.

All the hours of Pastors talking on Sunday, music on the radio, deep discussions between her parents and their friends, everything she had ever seen on the television and movies (which she now considered a distraction), all of it was right there at her disposal. She knew now with certainty that she could play a number of instruments, write books, sing, paint, direct and make films, etc. Anything she put her mind to. Sure, she had to get by her parents and the adults she had been manipulating in the mean time, especially that nice lady Anna, but after that Sara had a world to conquer!

She realized then, she need a little bit from each fluid for her plans, obviously. She searched the hanger for some jars. Miraculously she discovered a set in a cupboard and went back and poured a little from each into four new jars.

She needed a test run with the rest of these potions, to see there true effects. And boy had she seen them now! She’d hit a number of people with the love juice in the ensuing days, and its effects were obvious. She had tried the bull juice on Anna first hoping that her calmer nature, would be a good balancing to whatever the bull meant. After hearing about Anna’s assault, she realized it was dangerous stuff. But then orneriness had gotten the best of her and she had wanted to check if the bull juices effects were consistent on all sorts of people and then things had gotten out of hand…

That’s why she was back, she needed a bit more of each juice for her bigger plans. She felt so guilty about everything. Ah poor Anna, her mind pushed. She shouldn’t have run from her like that, that was dumb. She had watched the woman spiral out of control, her boyfriends too. But it was the price to pay for knowledge wasn’t it? Sara wouldn’t be ashamed of her experiments!

A voice broke into her panting reverie, “You are having quite the time aren’t you?” She spun around and there was Toby standing with his arms crossed…

9 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Chain #6 Round 2 (The Wedding Bells Part 18)

      1. Having a good time means you are creating great things 🙂 yes, i have been out of touch but my wp app is misbehaving. I post comments but they do not show up. And don’t get notified fr comments others post…

      2. I know, but sometimes I think I might bite off more than I can chew, you know? Like this section probably could have used a lot more rewriting and editing. It is a really good exercise in forcing yourself to finish though and just go for it. Thanks for your positive remarks.

  1. ..is just stealing the limelight from the lovers.. loving the twist. This could be a darker tale of greed, riches, magic!! The imagery, the mysterious hallways are as vivid to the reader as they are to the flower girl.

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