Snippets #41

David Ovason-The Secret Architecture of Our Nation’s Capital

Almost in parenthesis, I should address a misunderstanding which may arise from mention of these symbols, It does not seem to be the purpose of the Master Mason to use the tracing boards to explain the symbols they display. The true methods of initiation have always recognized it is harmful to explain symbols. During the hermetic inner journey, the meanings of certain symbols well up within the neophyte, penetrating into the mind from within the hidden recesses of his or her soul, rather than being demonstrated by an outside agency. The personalized revelation is an integral part of the soul’s growth, which usually accompanies initiation. This is one reason that those who conduct initiations rarely, if ever, attempt to explain symbols, for this can impede the neophyte’s spiritual development. (99)

Snippets #40

The Husia

When He rises men and women live and their hearts are lifted up when they see the one who gives the breath of life to those who are in the egg, who make people and birds to live, who supplies even food for mice in their holes as well as for worms and fleas. May He grant us an honorable burial after an old age, so that we may be safe in His hands.