Tarot Reading for 4-15-16


My recent personal Tarot reading. Three main questions, left to right, where am I am coming from, where am I at, and where am I going. The cross card above the second, is for what currently crosses me, or what obstacles am I facing. I have done half a dozen reading and all of them have been strangely relevant, including this one. For instance the first card could represent my creative activity that I recently did on the 14th, as the moon signifies the subconscious and creativity. It also I think symbolizes the recent Blue Moon that we just came out of, also the Dog days of summer.

The second question perfectly corresponded to a dark mood I found myself in on the 15th, and for which I didn’t really have any explanation for, until I saw the card that crosses me. Meditating on those two cards I engaged in a lot of self-examination, especially about things in my past that I feel are still holding me back.

The last card is a positive card and shows a party going on in the background. It is in the future card space and of course I recognized my son’s birthday party, which was occurring today on the 16th. Today was a great day with family and friends, a perfect correlate of the card, I think! Strange stuff, indeed.


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