Number 2 & 3 woke up about 6:30 AM. They always wake up early on days Mom is running the show. I stumbled to the couch, only to be trailed by the team, double backed to bed, somehow slept until 8AM.

Marched out the door. Sticky, hot. Headed to ATM took out 40, saving twenty for the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning. I was on a mission to Wal-Mart for dog food, and Lowe’s for sand. We are putting up our backyard pool, and needed the sand to level an area.

Britney had a dentist appt. had to leave at ten. Wasted an hour before reading news stories. This one was touching, about Ali keeping a pen pal for thirty years. Always answered this girls letters, saying positive things. It says she saw him as a superhero, it’s meant literally and I believe it too. #3 napped for majority of her appt, other two hung out in the ice boxed bedroom, resting from last nights big game(they won).

She got home later. Said it was the most thorough dentist appointment she’d ever had. Took pictures of her whole mouth, put it on a big TV for her. Sort of gave me a panic attack. I had requested she make me an appointment. Don’t like the dentist. Took my Brother once when we were little kids, he was a precocious child, and unwilling to submit to the dental assistant. She threatened to strap him down with a board they kept in the corner. Moments like that ruined childhood quick I think. Set me on a lifetime of antiauthoritarianism. I like to think I would have flipped out, told her no way in hell she was strapping my brother down. Makes me think about that movie back, Little Shop of Horrors, isn’t there a crazy dentist in that?


While she was gone I finished Go Rin No Sho- A Book of Five Rings, the Way is the Void. I restarted WB Yeats The Celtic Twilight. This one rings out in my soul as a hugely important work. Yeats stands out like a beacon on the horizon. I will spend more time with this figure. I love studying ancient Irish history, history in general really. But there is something unique going on on the Emerald Isle. Read this crazy story in there, told second hand by Yeats. About a man who went out with a farmer and his crew to do some work. They spotted two average looking fellows standing there doing nothing, and then in front of them were a bunch of glittering faery folk, playing a rousing game of hurling. Yeats explains that it is well known these folk need human being to materialize, that in their natural state they are immaterial.

Brit got home. It was in the heat of the day, over ninety. Headed to the writing den. I doubted my ability to produce. Used the resistance to get some editing done on Interludes, so you can expect the next chapter of that soon. It’s a good one. Scary. I edited that for  half and hour then strapped in to do my words on the work in project, Nowhere.
I was inspired, wrote in a feverish pace, a pretty decent chapter I think, probably a little over 1.3 thousand words.

Ended up outside, sweltering heat, in jeans so that I could weed whack. I’ve learned to love the heat. Love sweating, love saunas. I yield the whacker like a gatling gun recklessly mowing down the yellowing ferns and weeds. Gave some swiss chard seedlings a good watering and headed inside. Brit, per my consultation came up with Asian styling rice noodles, with sweet peas from the garden, mushroom, the left over onion potatoes and pork from last night, couple table spoons of sweet sauce, some chile paste, soy sauce, it was delicious. Ate in the ice box watched half an hour of Slingshot. I love inventors, and workshops, note another hero figure.

All inspired I rushed back outside, finished the weed whacking, swept the landing pad for the pool, carried out all the pool junk from the basement and shed. Brit brought the boys out and began working on assembling it. I turned to the garden. Ended up getting like seven more pepper plants in the ground, four more tomatoes. Watered, cooling down the sweat peas, got up a rabbit fence around the peppers. Did I mention I probably drank like twelve cups of coffee?

Then I wrote this, which I will edit (I do try), then post. After little ones are read to and put to sweet slumber. Then its a choice between Jupiter Rising (wild card pick), Amazing Spider Man The Complete Clone Saga Epic Vol. 1, or, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and I really need to get back to page turning, that sychronicity of the pump pad got the best of me and I am quickly loosing the edge of my advantage on my reading goal for the year (36). A world of possibilities..hope yours is fruitful. Tell me what you’re feeding your imagination.


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