6-11-16 (Morning)

There was no rain in the forecast. I like to think we summoned one setting up the pool, starting to fill it up, laughing kids splashing around in it. The sky must have ached as it watched me cool down my sweet pea plants with the hose, jealous that I was doing its job.

Brit woke me in the middle of the night. “It’s raining. We got the stroller in the back of the truck, think it’ll be okay if it gets rained on? We can dry it out in the sun later…” Marriage, beautiful game of passing the buck. I’m sleepy, only half understanding her. I’m glad to hear its raining. I fake my level of confusion though, until she realizes the play has passed and gets up to do it herself.

Woke up about 8:30, sky was still dark blue and grey. Jumped in the truck headed to the market. The rain was done. Downtown was vibrating, people going to different activities, running, jogging. Des Moines has an exceptional Farmer’s Market. Got a packed bag of lettuce for 3 bucks, beautiful Daikons and spring onions at a dollar a piece, also a bowl oyster mushrooms for five bucks.

Got home, #1 was desperately requesting pancakes. Mom was willing to oblige but lacked the required eggs and syrup. Dad volunteered to hit the store. They were tearing up the street the grocery was on, sickening smell of asphalt filled the street. Admired the finesse and competency of the construction chick who was working the busy intersection. She used both arms, patting down, to show a driver that the road had been taken out, barely a foot away as it turned, fearless.

Came home, hit the garden, plucked scapes, and brought in some spring garlic. Checked on everything. City rabbits are ferocious. I yell at them they run five feet away, eye me, and wait to see my move. If I come closer, they will run that five foot distance away, until I give up. Think it might be time to figure out how to skin a rabbit! Rabbit stew!!! Delicious.
Time to get to the words, 11:54AM.


Morning Jam:


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