Hot Monday. Was able to splash around in the pool with my boys.  It feels so much cooler, more bearable, standing in the pool. They love it, and want to splash, play, and stay in there all day. Oldest wanted to do single leg take downs like last year, but there’s not enough water (small leak, patch ordered through amazon) and Coen is with us too and he’s only a year and a half old, so is sort of nervous, but loving it.

Oldest, Chay-Bob, had game number two of the championship series tonight.  They lost, which we means we got one more thrown down, of penultimate competition, which group of 5-7yr olds will be declared, champions!?!?! Can you tell I’m ready for baseball to be over.

It’s funny, a love/hate thing like most thing I guess. I never played organized sports much growing up so maybe it’s a case of subconscious resentment. I don’t think so though. You know what is, it’s the seriousness of everybody, which again I sort of love. because no one is serious about anything anymore and its good to see people focused working for something, but that’s the kicker, it’s just a game, for their kids. Not global starvation, not invention, not solving the problems that lead to things like Orlando…

It weighs heavy on my wind. Spent yesterday in a funky daze. Found myself ranting on twitter today which is never a good development. I just don’t get it. It’s like I see people getting all worked up, but it seems to be about all the wrong things. The guns did it, Christians hate gay people too, what did Donald Trump say?

I don’t want to drive this right into the cabbage, and make this a  conspiracy theory rant. Just saying though, if I was a serious minded person I’d wonder, why did the FBI meet with the shooter three times and nothing came of it, how was the shooter able, with past domestic abuse/terrorist history able to secure his employment at G4S, a well known security company employed by the Federal government, and lastly and this is the one that should really bug people, but I’m afraid most can’t see the issue, how was one man able to hold a hundred plus people at 2AM in a night club, be like Rambo fighting police and slaughtering innocent people, but then is on the phone with 911 to declare his allegiance to ISIS, and lastly why is this declaration, not made a major part of the news story until almost midday yesterday, and still seems to be a secondary issue in most people’s mind now?

Ahem…sorry for that. Oh yeah, random guy on Craigslist was offering an introductory Blacksmith course this Friday, totally going to check that out. And probably wake up early tomorrow and work with my boy on his batting, and just hope everything else works out.




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