I did a lot of gardening stuff yesterday, pulled weeds mainly. We are loving our pool. Weird though, last night about three o’clock in the morning woke up with dead leg/cramp. Awful feeling, like somehow my legs had assumed rigor mortis. Dead flesh and bone, from my thighs down. I had to walk it out and chug water.

Before bed, Brit and I watched Michael Pollan’s Cooked, episode 2, titled Water. It bummed us both out something major. How fucked the world seems. The fact that we have traded all the good things, cooking, the outdoors, family, sex, free time, for garbage. In the documentary they stated how there is a correlation between the less time people cook, and the increase in obesity rates. Brit works as a health coach, so for her its more than just academic.

I hate how the modern world seems to create this stratification and elitism. That you can join the proletariat stuffing your face with junk that will put you in an early grave, or you can join the enlightened few who know about quality food, just be sure to bring your credit cards. Pollan states at the end how he doesn’t want to lecture people into eating healthy, but wants to use the pleasure of good food to sway people. I know it shows my inner Hitler, but something really bugs me about that. In my dark moments, I want to hijack the world, the culture, force them to act right. But that’s not how the world works, is it? Nor would we want it.

Weird dreams last night. In one I was walking with my Grandpa. A little boy started following us and harassing us. I was scared he was going to attack my elder. Ended up roughing him up a bit, and dragged him into a police station. They whisked him off, and wanted me to write out a report. I started to write it out, but the words weren’t coming out right, so I asked for a computer to type on. They said they could accommodate, but it would take a minute. Grandpa disappeared, the mood changed, and now they were eyeing me suspiciously. I began to fear that they were going to arrest me for roughing up the youth, so I snuck out of there, sans report.

Woke up, discovered I left some coffee in the pot, made a large cold coffee, chugged it, and headed outside. Britney was mowing. My three little ones ran around her. Then they went swimming. I worked again at the garden. Planted two more plots of beans, got some Hyssop and Lemon Balm in the ground, planted four more tomatoes, more weeding. I love gardening, something so gratifying about having your hands in the dirt, and the sun on your back. I want to flee Babylon, go off-grid, have a huge farm, maybe three more kids, and live Little House on the Prairie style.

That’s the five year plan, flee Babylon. I think it’s a good plan. Right now it feels 50-50, Babylon and Zion. We got a stay at a home parent, garden, paying down our debt, living frugally, try to eat healthy and spend plenty of time outside doing fun stuff. But kids probably still watch too much TV, live in the city, cop-out and order out, envy the greener grass over the hedge, and a hundred other little thing which keep us in soul suck…

Tonight, I went and met Greg the Blacksmith. He had advertised a free introductory workshop on Craigslist. It was awesome, learned a lot and got to bang on a piece of steel rebar. Got me thinking, how that is the key to kicking the Babylon-funk, doing real stuff. There’s something very enlightening too about watching metal change like that. Cool, it can seems so fixed and hard, but apply a little (read 1700 degrees) heat and you can bend it however you like. Our thought patterns are like that too. And unfortunately, it seems the heat needed to bend most people’s behavior and mindset is tragedy.

I think that’s the key though, just like a forge, we must find a way to control the heat. Manipulate things so we can change, but aren’t destroyed. We must immerse ourselves in the challenge momentarily, and then make the necessary changes that we want to see in the world.

There’s another benefit to doing stuff like that, and its meeting like minded positive people. There were five others and they just gave off a healthy vibe. And again, not to go negative, but it makes me think, just like in the Pollan documentary how did we ever give that up! It was a false promise, a devils bargain, I think. That life would be easier, and more fun, if you just gave that stuff up. And who really needs gardening or blacksmiths, when Walmart is right there, and that fucking screen is waiting for you. I, for one, am rejecting that bullshit and breaking the contract. I will be free.100% Zion. How about you?


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