Woke up early, Chay boy super excited to be spending the night at Grandpas. Have to help Mom lay the law down. We have to behave ourselves, follow our leaders. What is the meaning of the word “patience”? It is having a good spirit while you are waiting.

It’s hard to get going. Watch a rap battle to feed the word machine, massage the poetic subconscious. I catch myself hesitating, looking up stupid shit on the internet. But I stop myself, put on the background meditation music, and hit the WIP, as of now 11:48 AM I’ve put up over 2k words. Started somewhere around 38k, sitting 40.5k  right now.

Today is a day for me to do my work, to write my words. As I like to do everyday, but today is for that purpose. I got hold of a wild tendril of spirit that is urging me to just finish, what if I just did it, like strapped in, put up another 3.5 thousand today, which wouldn’t be hard because I am writing the climax, siege scene at the end, which really will fuel itself.

And in between five hundred words I can do a push up plank furry, maybe do three minutes on the heavy bag, fight for my words, fight with my fists, be a word warrior on the imaginative plane…

And then tomorrow just make it another all day word push, and who knows maybe I could claim another first draft. Finally get focused on some editing around here. I don’t know, plenty off coffee, ice creams treats on the horizon, delicious dinners in mind, the kraut, older fellas at Gpas, could be the day…stay tuned…


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