6-25-16 (Update)

Sitting at like 5.5.k words on the day, WIP at 43, 562. I could have kept going, but I had a great place to start tomorrow and it is getting late. Want to chill and watch a movie with Britney, 10 Cloverfield Lane.

The big key to my success today was a nap. I’m not a big napper, but after canoeing yesterday and being up early today I was dragging at the 3-5 time frame. Synchronicity complied and I found myself with an empty house, a cool bed and a dark room. Sleep was easy. Left the TV off and just swam right into it. It was very enjoyable.

Cujo started barking a couple times at me downstairs, getting pissed, wanting his dinner, but I was able to ignore him and sleep for an hour or more.

Another big success was having a couple heavy bag work out sessions in between my writing. That was awesome! Writing a lot like that can get you feeling sluggish and sedentary. Also going berserk on a heavy bag is a nice accompaniment to writing action scenes.

Don’t forget good coffee, that helped a lot too.

One of major things a writer needs to get in their head, to put up numbers like that with Fiction, or any writing really, is don’t overthink it, just let it all come pouring out however it feels like.

Of course, by the time I sit down to write, I’ve usually thought about the scenes and what I’m trying to accomplish some. I think this helps obviously. I also think there something to be said about not writing everyday and letting that stuff charge up for a while. Just think about it, listening for that next part of plot.

Final tip, all praise to the Muse. Writing is an amazing ability. This power to narrate and dramatize is magical and a lot fun. I think that’s the true source for great writing, which is loving reading. It feels like I am reading a great book as I am writing it. Let your mind wrap around that for a minute. Then you’ll understand the deep mystery of the Muse. Anyways, I can get a little word drunk on marathons like today. Can’t wait for the second leg tomorrow! Best of luck in your own efforts. Get those words.


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