12:21 AM, At like 2.5k words on the day, WIP at 46k words. I definitely see that 50k goal as something I could do, but the last thousand or so are going to be sort of sloppy, just thinking out loud on the page. And since this was a random urge, I feel like 7-8k words in approx. 24hours is a pretty remarkable showing. The larger point I would share with other writers is writing should be fun. I wouldn’t be able to write amounts like that if I wasn’t having fun.

That’s a lesson that goes beyond just writing. Things are so much easier to accomplish when it’s fun to do. If you find yourself really struggling to write just stop and go do something else. How’s that for writer advice, don’t write. Go live, have a new experience. I think that’s what I’m going to do for the rest of the day. Oh and again this morning session I did a heavy-bag exercise break in the middle of my words, and it was awesome!!! Getting that blood bumping, leaving the mind for a minute, emphasizing your body, wow it really helped the words come out. And it was fun!



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