7PM. Just like that the year is over half over. If that means anything to you. It should, I think. Not in the oh gee my where does all the time go sense, but in the you live on top of a sphere of dirt, in perfect connection to a star, which is unfathomably far away, and because of the near perfect equilibrium of sun rising and setting, this grand game gets to take place. It becomes curious when you start thinking of the world like that, what it really is. Been thinking about the Moon a lot lately too, it is equally interesting as the sun. The eclipses, the imaginative function, its true origins, the water stuff, the woman stuff.

Was up early, put up at least 1.5 words on WIP Nowhere, sitting at 48,360. As you would expect it brings mixed emotions, sad one angle from the book itself, we are ending on a dark note, but then artistically and creative sadness, in that feeling of what next, what for. A unique feeling of letting go.

I have a hard time letting go, which is probably why I haven’t finished much of my material. It’s a weird feeling though, because at the same time, I don’t even really think about it until moments like this. I recognize that it is a Craft, and that like all Crafts the learning never really stops. That if you apply yourself diligently you will just keep at whatever it is you’re doing. A true crocheter, or swimmer, or whatever would always have a relationship with that knowledge and skill set, so it goes with writing.

I am pretty excited to be reorienting my focus towards editing. That is the next step I am missing. I have a number of ideas how I can improve my editing. To put it in half assed hippidy dippity talk I need to shift from the right sided brain thinking, emotion, creativity, visual thinking, to the the left side of the brain, which is more technical, more detail oriented, more focused. As any regular reader of my writing will notice, things can get a little sketchy grammatically. Writing proves a perfect exercise for full brain thinking. In reality, I am fairly well aware of the grammar basics. Sometimes those run-on sentences just seem to take over though.

Editing is more then grammar stuff, make no mistake. The real important part is getting that story to feel seem-less, to allow them to slip into it, experience it in the imagination cleanly, lose self. Now of course you objectionable anarchists types shall note, I understand that violating this sensation can have its own effect. I watched this informative video about this idea, relating to the character of Bill Murray. How his gig is playing himself, how this destruction of the fourth wall was a  well tried comedic technique before him and even a deeper mystical, ego dissolving process. The trick it to neither identify with the world, or your self, but allow your intelligence to step beside both parties. Take a new space. I think that’s the key to successful editing, and what will help mature my writing.

Went to Brother’s house, did a movie party. The Hateful 8. It would be on the low list of my Tarantino favorites. I have a hard time, in light of what I was just talking about, stepping to the side, getting into most movies these days. There’s something a little too much like social programming taking place and it creeps me out. Tarantino was tearing through the fourth wall. His voice over pops in at one point. It’s a subtle, indoor voice for Tarantino. Not the brash sort of chopping, hopped up on coffee voice I have seen in interviews, but a very toned down sort of hard to detect Tarantino. My bro looked it up and confirmed he was the narrator. There really is no reason for the narration at all, besides alerting us that this is indeed his movie, his story.

The Kubrick influence is heavy too. The large shots, Ennio Morricone on a bad ass, big score, the way the environment comes alive and becomes a character its own. It’s more than that too. It’s how he builds his scene, the tension and shifty way information is transmitted. It’s how like Hitchcock and Kubrick built energy in small details and scenes, that go nowhere. One scene especially did this, when Sheriff Mannix and O.B. are leading a trail to the barn and outhouse, so no one gets tuck in the blizzard. It’s creates a walking on pins and needles response in the viewer. It keeps jumping back and forth between character perspectives, giving you that feeling of someone popping up behind you, the score gets very dramatic, then finishes, no climax. But its a deeper scene too, in that it is more evidence that something is wrong at Minnie’s Haberdashery, in that this precaution as not been taken.

I felt a good synchronicity bubble on this film as too. In my current WIP  I have an Old Wild West, Saloon, last place in the middle of nowhere vibe. I also have characters running stake trails just like in the movie, but it takes place on a desert landscape.

I realize I didn’t bring the social programming bit to completion, and I feel that is worthwhile. So basically its an outlaw story set in a post-Civil War era. I am all for pushing boundaries of acceptability, but the language, and specifically use of the “N” word was over the top. More over, the general ideology of race war depicted and symbolized is definitely troubling. Now I will be the first to acknowledge that this sad state of affairs isn’t a concoction entirely of Tarantino himself, that society has to bear some responsibility for our shared histories of horror, but this films stoking of the fire, seems at time laughably negative and unsophisticated. I also believe Tarantino may harbor a sick affection for Mr. Jackson. The programming bit is reducing racial understandings to these few main categories ignorant redneck, racist monstrous European elites, innocent black folks, and ruined black folks that were ruined by white folks, and Mexicans which at least Tarantino gets right by aligning them with racist Europeans, in opposition to the avenging and ruined black man Mr. Jackson. The problem here, and I understand Tarantino may reject this appraisal, but it makes all those people into comic-book characters, not actual people. Make no mistake I know the ignorance and barbarity does exist. I just wonder what a film would look like from him that was toned down a notch, a little closer to actual reality, probably less bloody, maybe.

I’m going to stop that there. The lesson is think about what you are reading and watching. Don’t passively digest anything. Check your drinks for roofies. Look both ways before crossing the road. Do not talk to strangers with candy or mini-vans. Turn the radio off. Save yourself!

Tomorrow I will finish 1st draft of WIP progress, 50k words. Sunday we will rest. Monday we will begin editing. Be creative. Follow the Good. Change the Art, Change the world.


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