7-2-16 (Morning)

9:50 Amazing start to the day. All signs are pointing to the way, the flow. Woke up early, spooned with my lovely. Finally hopped out of bed 7ish, greeted two and three with morning salutations. Out the door to the rainy day farmer’s market. I love rainy days, as I’ve mentioned. It slowed the market down to the perfect speed, cut some of the herd, not that it necessarily needed cut at all. Market folk generally seem to be putting off some friendly cool vibes. I grabbed one of the little ones green frog umbrella and hit the streets.

Was greeted on the walk up, by older black guy, totally enraptured hopping around on his bench, by the jazz he was putting down on the public piano. I see the spirt swirling around him, roaring in its independence, and lust for life. A symbol of the Holy Spirit, humanity unchained, free, and beautiful. He’s playing as I leave too. I hope he sits there all day, a hundred days, until the end of time. He’s not the only musical act on the walk either. There are solo guy and girl singer-guitarists, belting out their best, exceptional.

Greens and cabbages are out, cukes, onions, carrots, potatoes are on. I have to put myself on a budget or I could go crazy. Spent twenty something, got three end of the season cabbages from Grade A, about 3-4 lbs for another batch of kraut, five dollars, some Lions Mane mushrooms from super cool mushroom lady, a bowl for 8, and a bowl each of cukes, potatoes, and red onions, from my new regular stand.

Stop by store for a booze run six pack, bottle of whisky for BBQ sauce and cocktail for dinner tomorrow with friends. Back home got big pot of coffee going, then went and harvested Lemon Balm from garden to make second patch of honey time sleep tea, family loves that stuff!

Now it’s time for words, 10:14, let’s go! The thrilling 1st Draft Conclusion of Nowhere!


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