5:37 Break after 1st heavy bag circuit. Circuit is, do as many push ups that I can, same thing with planks, then as many squats, and then some general stretching/Yoga, then three mins on the heavy bag. Just keep punching that’s the goal.

Wife made a ridiculous cheese cake, like ten inches high, with monster cookers for the bottom, and a chocolate ganache topping, with the same monster cookie creation liberally spread all over top of that, for America. That, along with the rest of the Feast for the Independence, and the booze, left me with an achy stomach for three days. I even did one of these boxing circuits, and a bunch a garden work in that time, but it had nothing on the America-inspired gluttony. I literally got fat in a week…

Right with the acid reflux, came 90 plus degree days. Humid as Satan’s asshole out here. Storms keep popping up out of nowhere, leaving their watery shadows and escaping. Everything is sweating, oozing fluids.

Tuesday was a rough morning too. I could sense the kick in the dick coming. They love dropping news bombs on the day after holidays. They know most Americans are preoccupied, suffering through the gut rot and the hangover, so why not dump the dirty shit then. I’m talking about FBI Director Comey’s very strange announcement about no charges brought against Mrs. Clinton. He eviscerated her on the matters, and even went as far as to say that anyone else in the future would face all the normal punishments expected with this sort of thing, but not this woman, not now. No responsible prosecutor would bring such a case, something like that. It was obvious Comey was way freaked out, taking one for the team. I’ll stop the rant there, just painting pictures, reflecting.

Checked my three jars of kraut, our middle-finger to fascists, and they are doing great. The purple and green cabbages make a pink color kraut. The bubbles and scent indicate its coming along. It’s a funky almost nail polish sort of blue-cheesy yeast type smell. Speaking of interesting smells, the sour-dough starter is still bubbling and stinking nicely, made my first batch of sourdough bread last night, and my people loved it. Even Keke, who is our picky eater, requested seconds.

All right round 2 of the circuit, I’ll be back! The gang spied me working the heavy bag from outside. Now, they sit on the concrete outside  the window, eating popsicles, green and orange sherbet looking ones. The kids swim in candy and junk food, reciprocally peddled with everyone, including neighbor kids. Its a losing battle. You fight the good fight and you become a renegade asshole, ranting about high fructose corn-syrup and candidas. Everyone agrees, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

As I suspected the 1st Draft does not want to go quietly into the night, dear soldier. Sitting at almost 52k, and I still got two or three major scenes and plot issues to resolve. As I’ve mentioned I want to be done, so I can focus on editing and finishing projects, but I also recognize this first draft deserves a well executed first look at the ending; I don’t want to leave it with first draft blue balls…sorry.

Looks like I will have to submit, give it another one or two writing sessions. Dang, I have to do the part I like a little longer. Circuit 3.

6:38PM. Exercise is the key. To everything. If you have the smallest desire to be great, you must enter the physical realm, even, no especially if you will fail. I know I can get lost in my mental space, in the words, and you can begin to feel very light, very disconnected from the world. Diving back into the body takes all this head pressure off. It causes the blood to leave that ethereal muscle, and travel to the grounded bone wielding muscles.

I need to do this more. I’m trying to it every other day, some sort of exercise specific physical activity, but I still got to achieve that goal more regularly. Brit is going for a marathon by the end of the year. I joked/not-joked with her that I would be ready. I was displaying that dangerous uniquely male sense of overconfidence. I realized on my circuits tonight, that it would probably be a good idea to do some training in that way. Good husband and wife activity too.


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