7-8-16 (Evening Report)

3:33 PM. I’ve been writing for a couple hours now. Not sure exactly how many words I put up, at least a couple thousand, and dun-dun-dun-dunnnnnnnnnnn, 1st Draft of Nowhere is complete! Basically. For now. We are sitting right at 55,222 words. The ending was abrupt, but I think I want something like that for this story. Leave it all messy and unresolved. That’s what the future holds.

I could keep writing and rewriting on this project, so I know its something I definitely need to return to, but I also know right now, I need to let it rest and shift gears for a while. Now the question becomes what do we scoop up from the slush-pile and try to get the stink off of.

The first choice, edit a short story or novel? I’m leaning towards short stories, because it is the harder thing to do, and I like doing things the hard way. Pause for round 1 Boxing circuits.

Good round, did it without the gloves. Not hitting it hard, just working the muscles, through the combinations. Focus on breathing. In and out. In and out. I listen to music or lectures while I box. I am Generation Multi-Tasking. Journal, while boxing, while listening to lectures, yes please! We are Renaissance reborn. We are Athenian Academy reborn. Mental and Physical growth as a regiment, as an occupation. I am a tool for greater works than myself.

Person to person economies mean we all have to be super heroes, skilled in many areas, with positive, forward attitudes. If I can’t help myself I can’t help others.

Something’s missing in my writing.The themes and scenes are interesting, but there is a lack cohesiveness. For instance, right at the end today, realized I’d written half a chapter with a character that was out of place. I’ll have to trash the majority of that, but I don’t see it as too much of a loss, since I was still writing new stuff, which is what I was trying to do. They talk about pantsers vs. plotters, pantsers being writers who write by the seat of their pants (intuition), plotters work from an outline while they write. I am definitely a pantser, but recognize I need to be a plotter. I’ve started writing notes and plan to plot my next novel. How many books can I have rolling around in there?

4:09PM Pause. Heavy Bag Circuit 2. My problem is the multi-tasking. Focus exclusively on the thing your doing. Give it your undivided attentions. It’s worth it. One finished book is worth more than 12 first drafts. I just need to slow down. Take it one word, one scene, at a time. That’s why you have to let stuff rest, to see objectively, with fresh eyes.

Still pretty bummed out about world events and vibes. Trying to focus on the beauty beyond them. Think we’re going for a family swim here soon. That should be an Edenic moment. I can’t wait. Child’s laughter is the best cure in a tormented world.

4:33PM Last heavy bag round.

Later, 6:21PM, post work-out, swim. That was awesome. Beautiful blue sky, wispy clouds, relaxing heat. Whole family jumped in, all five of us. I had everyone cracking up. Something so silly about a clumsy Dad splashing around like a wet bear. I play it up when I go under water and come up shaking my head growling, stomping around. Came in and made tacos, beans and beef, slaw with homegrown raspberries in the dressing.

Plan for the rest of the night, have fun, practice guitar, feed the subconscious (oh shit speaking of feeding things, need to feed sour dough starter and do a loaf of bread). Gonna read end of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. That book has been soul crushing, but was a substantial influence on the end of this first-draft. Tomorrow morning we edit, for serious. Hope you got your words today and everything else you wanted. Salute.


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