7-8-16 (Morning Dispatch)

10:38AM In the writing lab. Woke up 6:45AM. Keke came in and snuggled with me, after we checked on Mom and Coco sprawled out on the couch. Checked the news, as I shouldn’t do. Read about the sniper shootings of police in Dallas. Five people dead, dozen injured. Occurred during protests for two men recently killed by police officers, Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and Philando Castile Minnesota. The Castile shooting is especially horrifying. I’m scared to be out and about in the world.

The world is coming apart at the seams. I want to tell you something. I could prove it if you’d really listen. We have been tricked to think the spiritual realm does not exist. That there is only a material world, which has been conquered and is now in the process of being digitally reconstructed. Twentieth centuries scientists and philosophers declared that they had killed God and mastered the universe. The implications and consequences of these thoughts patterns are now being felt. We are faced with an Evil we have no belief in. We don’t even recognize what we are seeing. What I want to note for you, for myself, is Evil, capital “E” signifying an entity or person, an individual thing that ACTUALLY exists. By exists I’m saying outside of us, free of us, independent of us, not just my opinion.

I watched a recent bad ass interview with legends Stephen King and George RR Martin. I believe it was Martin that pointed out a possible distinction between evil conceptualized in Tolkien and King. In Tolkien evil is clearly delineated and external, Sauron, Morgoth and all those sort of independent actors, like orcs, that can be chased down and bludgeoned. Martin pointed out that in King the baddies are often very human and recognizable. They are people struggling with addictions, bad choices, and mental illness. We don’t want to brutalize King’s bad guys the same way, because we sympathize with them. King acknowledged the distinction, but noted he had plenty of external, free-willing evil, too. Thankee-sai.

It’s important to understand both concepts. Evil is like a big jug of red paint. People can go pick it up, spread it all over the place, make a big mess. But Evil is also that jug of paint, if it had legs and consciousness and could get up and swallow people like the Blob. The first type of evil is somewhat easier to manage. Talk therapy, retreats, counseling. The second type, you better pack a lunch, a Bible, a shotgun and your paint brush.

Went to the dentist, got a few cavities, got to go back next week and get them fixed. Got a thorough cleaning though, took my fluoride rub with a stout heart. Afterwards I went for a coffee at Starbucks. Line was ridiculous, was going to back out, but I was already blocked in. Pulled up to check out, and was informed person before me had paid for me. Flow. Life. Nod of the White.

Chasing my frappuccino with black coffee from the house. It’s time to get my words. It’s time to craft my skills, so that one day I can wield a weapon which can injure Evil. That is the true reason I write, to destroy Evil. Capital E. Salute Artist-Warriors.


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