7-11-16 (Slice of Evening Ruminations to the Sounds of A Sleepy Toddler)

7:23PM Interesting day. I captured positivity  by cultivating the blue Jedi power of the stone heart. The technique, meditate on the space between self and the world, in between the sheets. It’s there if you look for it. It’s a space free from emotion, free from engagement. A cool space on the lip of reality. Few others wanders there, a strange bunch. Say hello, but don’t tarry too long.

Grandpa bought Chay cookies on the way back from the dump at Kum&Go. He saved them. When we got home he said he wanted to make recipes, like with his cookies. I directed the focus, perhaps peanut butter, rice krispies, crunched up cookies, was he thinking of something like that? Exactly, he said.  We should bake them he said, I countered fridge. He countered freezer, fridge. We settled on fridge. I also suggested that maybe he would like them with a scope of ice-cream. He thought it was brilliant. I helped him sort of toss them on to a plate. There in the fridge now.

We went to the library. I love the library. Picked up a number of books. I am slipping on my reading goal. I wrote about the drama here. Long story short, I was trying to pad the list by reading a bunch of short novels, and it wrecked my brain with synchronicity. Then in June I got lost in a couple longer and more challenging books.

Going for three books a month, so 36 total, should be at like 18 going on 19, but I’m sitting at like 16. Not to far off the goal. Here’s what I picked up though, Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin, Ninja: 1,00 Years of the Shadow Warrior A New History by John Man, The October Country by Ray Bradbury, Night of the Living Trekkies by Anderson & Stall, The Complete Books of Aquarian Magic by Marian Green (little embarrassed by this, not one I plan to read all the way through, but it was screaming at me and I do love deep space, blue ring of fire, steel consciousness stuff). So yeah quite the stash, hope its not as existentially challenging as last go around, but time will tell.

As always, writer-warriors-freaks don’t be scared to say hello! And I hope you are getting your words. Really, say something, time is so short, make a difference, squeaky wheel gets the grease, all that. Let me be your grease.7:58PM

Random picture of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms I mentioned in a previous post

2 thoughts on “7-11-16 (Slice of Evening Ruminations to the Sounds of A Sleepy Toddler)

  1. Wicked clips here. Glad to be connected (that is to say, me on your blog now) and funny, I took my kids to the library too. Yes, love the library. Its milky, protective womb or some-such. That’s a bit gross and overdone but you get it. The lip of reality as it were. Bill

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