7-13-16 (In Between Punches)

6:34PM Hitting a wall, think it might be the undercooked rice noodles. Time to do some heavy bag sessions, and put down thoughts for the day. Word of the day, telomeres.

7:12PM, after 1st round. Much better. Out of breathe. Heart beating. I’m alive. It was dinner, clogging the pipes. Was really thinking about what I wrote lat night, “eat from my dirt or die”. Something dramatic like that. It really is a goal though. Realized today I’m not waiting for another property in anyway. My home is my home. I’v plenty of dirt, space, and sunshine at my disposal right now. It’s not a matter of quantity, but quality. Quality in spirit. Being active, ideal, first principled.

Paradox, to dream big we must live big. In Iowan, whisper voice, “if you build it, they will come.” Fake it until you make it. The blog is descending into catch phrases, may only be half way through the noodles. We’ll do round 2 of Heavy Bag circuit.

7:46PM, after 2nd RD. Looking at the Wikipedia page for telomeres. Crazy stuff. Valuable, glue like material at the end of chromosomes. Hard to conceptualize stuff on the cellular level. Seems so inanimate, but it’s wholly animate. Key to real animation. I read, “Telomere length varies greatly between species, from approximately 300 base pairs in yeast[16] to many kilobases in humans…”. See my affinity with my wild yeast sour dough is not unfounded. Our chromosomes are in cahoots.It’s resting bubbly and peacefully in the fridge.

More half-ass Wikipedia synopsis, there’s a convincing argument that it’s the shortening of these telomeres, exaggerated by modern lifestyles and pollution (food) that leads to cancer and senescence. How’s that for a word, “senescence”? Had to look it up. Means, “the condition or process of deterioration with age.” Round 3.

8:21PM, after RD 3 I went upstairs to get glass of water. Chay, under Baker Mom supervision was baking a cake. Paradox abounds. Can we complain about cake? How do my telomeres feel about cake? I know what my Candida would say.

Earlier when I said, “dream big” that was sort of cliche and generalized. Dream big to me means like a dozen chickens, twenty plus grow bags in the front yard filled with carrots strawberries, peppers and tomatoes, wall of berry bushes, insane self sufficiency (bake my own bread, never eat out, beans tons and tons of beans), bettering the debt to income ratio, and big goal, buy like twenty plus acres of fruitful land to live in eternal peace and communion with nature, think Walden’s Pond. Cows. Chickens. Goats. Tree Forts. Howling at the moon. Salute.

What are your big dreams? What are you going to do get them?


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