7-28-16 and beyond…


2:35PM In the writing lab. Trying to focus in on the editing. Going to work on Kill the Television. Complicated flashback thing going on in that work. Begin the story with scene framed by a television anchor. Through the perspective of the screen. Weird entry point led me to overuse flashback, which is confusing when you read it. Keep things simple, ordered. Flash back should be brief, not place of main action, I think.

words to eliminate

-could -immediately


3:08PM About half an hour, that’s how long I can edit, in sessions. I get way too anxious when I edit, like it’s open heart surgery or something. I start just jumping pages and paragraphs frantically fiddling around with this bit, then that. Realized I had to cut a whole chunk and also copy/cut/paste a large section to eliminate the unnecessary flashback bullshit. Process and coffee get me gritted teeth, slapping at the keyboard and mouse pad thingy. The urgency and anxiety are wholly out of place and problematic. Need to slow down. No reason editing can’t be fun. Having all these works is like being a sculpture getting truckloads of raw uncut stone. The process has just begun.

It is fun too, to see the result, see it start taking a working shape. I can feel it sometimes too, the ripple of future self, purring as it feels a reality, a possibility being created. I hope the energy and efforts lead to something worthwhile for the reader too.


Started the day off great. Took a family trip to Ledges State Park. It was cloudy, but cool, perfect in my opinion. Probably my favorite park in my immediate area. There are thick woods, sandstone cliffs, and a picturesque stream you can walk around in. The water is moving so its super clear. My gang loved splashing around in it. Picking up rocks throwing them in. I love being out in nature like that, taking a deep breath, realizing how much is out there if you really go looking, and all you got to do is show up, claim it for your own.




The dream of country exodus is gaining steam everyday. Realizing we need to do it, challenge ourselves, get debt free and create a sustainable life. Walk around barefoot all day. Let the kids stomp around like little Robin Hoods, bows and arrows, forts, fishing, BB guns, carrots as big as your heads, chickens, goats, rabbits. On the drive back from the park we take back country roads, stop for a couple realty signs advertising acreages. Nothing stops us but time and opportunity. We plan and plot, encourage development of the Executive Function. 3:34PM, back to the editing.

7:43PM Went upstairs to get drink of water. Found sugar cookies with purple frosting and green sprinkles in final stages of completion. Devour several. Make roasted veggies for the fish fry later. Dinner. Water the gardens. Back in the lab.

At the Ledges today people have marked the whole place up with rock graffiti. Most of it is what you would suspect, middle school declarations of pairings. It’s everywhere though. You think about the countless lives, carving into the sandstone. All that energy, potential, needing an outlet. Where does the urge to leave our mark come from? Seems primordial, this need to create, imagine, change and shape things into the way we want them.



9:34AM Gang got haircuts this morning. Handsome little devils for sure! They get them from my childhood friend’s Mom. There something awesome about that, growing up and living in the same place, this sort of full spectrum relationship that develops. Mrs. M who cuts their hair was skeptical of me as child and teenager, rightfully so, but even back in the day I knew she liked me, just skeptical was all. Twenty years later she is my three boys regular barber, and they’re best buddies with her granddaughters. What sort of perspective is developed when you see people like that, from children to adults, to parents and beyond. What is like it seeing the doubling, tripling of a person?

Was going to post last night, got called away by sleepy boys who needed attention, books, pajamas, airplane rides to bed. I serenaded them with my guitar practice until they both declared I was giving them a headache. The rhythm can take you over, get inside your head, not let you think of anything else.

Going to focus on editing, that is the game plan. I have the whole day of ahead of me, mostly free to do as I will. Dinner with friends, and possible jam session scheduled at five. My editing goal is one full read through, rewrite of Kill The Television.

Spent the last hour and half examining world through ethereal portal. Things are getting very strange. I could rant about this, but it only adds to the din. So instead I will leave you with some evidence of the madness to consider, as well as an antidote. Would love to hear your reactions and speculations. Good day Artists-Warriors.



5 thoughts on “7-28-16 and beyond…

  1. Like the notion of claiming nature like that, the imagery of graffiti on the sandstone, that leave-your-mark thing, fun to go inside that. Nice your impulses appear to be more in that vein than money-making. Set your expectations, right? Really enjoy these pieces Austin.

    1. Yeah I think growing up broke and hearing my parents complain about money all the time sort of led me to say fuck it, in regards to a mature sense of a economic and adult goal.s That’s definitely changed as I’ve gotten older though. Especially now that we are formulating homesteading, issues like debt to income ratio, credit scores, etc matter. In regard to my writing I just can’t seem to get my head around publishing and commodifying my work, but I’m not opposed to it in the slightest. I really wish I could discover a number of mad-writer/editor cohorts, who knew the business, and we could make gazillions. But generally, firm believer in “mo money, mo problems,” and “you can’t get blood from a turnip”. Thanks for checking my work out!

      1. Sitting here right now beard-stroking, thinking the same, more or less. The commoditizing part that is. But getting up at 5 to hit it again, that bag as you say. Broke better than broken-spirited, or something.

      2. Yeah, I recently contacted a local writing critique group. They seem pretty talented and serious, so who knows. Will definitely be sharing that experience on here. Think I’m going to go do 3 rounds right now. Hope the beard stroking kicks something up. For me, and I bet this applies to you, my idea is try to write the best goddamn thing I can, slap a pretty cover on it, and let that shit ride. Whatever happens, happens. How many great authors weren’t shit in their lifetime Kafka, Melville, Poe, Lovecraft, thousands of others. So it goes.

      3. So it goes. That’s Vonnegut, don’t think I didn’t notice. Joyce, too, the drunk-bum: only difference between him and me is he’s Irish, and writes better.

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