8-5-16 (Slice of the Morning Stream Amidst Editing)

In the lab, 10:58AM. Had an early dentist appointment, taking in info and stimulation now, mind wanders towards editing. This is a day dedicated to writing. I watch this video on Joyce, one of the great ones. Writers are my favorite people. Mainly because they’re like perception and cognitive super heroes. I want to be one. I might be. A quarter sized dangerous looking spider paraded passed on the window pane. It had a worthy ant clutched in its front legs. Earlier, during the Joyce video, an ant ran on to the screen. I let it wander, wondering if it was into the subject like I was.

Mechanics, execution, these are my trouble areas. I write, think, talk in a complicated fashion, and making that work in prose is a challenge. I need to slow down. I feel like I’m in a big ocean and if I stop treading water I’ll sink. That’s generally my attitude towards editing, feels like I’m sinking, drowning.

Stop that shit, greater self urges. Focus you lazy, weak belly, bastard. It’s work, a craft, not supposed to be easy. Don’t waste your time, your life. Do or do not, there is no try. Thanks Yoda.

The ant’s back. It walks on these words as I edit them, then falls off the screen. Not a fan?


4 thoughts on “8-5-16 (Slice of the Morning Stream Amidst Editing)

  1. “It’s (art) reawakening us to mysteries we’ve grown blind to.” Dang, that was one hot video hoss! I studied Joyce for a semester in college, 1989 I think. So grateful to have one wonderfully awesome dude (Dr. Loss) walk me through, hold my hand, and help me read all his works with the exception of the play, Finnegans Wake, some of the poetry. This is one of the most compelling and approachable renderings of Joyce I’ve seen…I visited the museum in Dublin that has relics and information about Joyce, but didn’t convey as much as this short video. Isn’t that funny? I mean, I saw a desk he wrote at, some of his furniture, an attempt to simulate what his harried, disorganized writer’s space must have looked like with him and his family moving as much as they did…I think he wrote Ulysses in something like a dozen or more different places, they moved so much. Thanks for sharing this. Home run.

    1. Got a bunch of Joyce sitting around, shudder at the mindset and spirit it’ll take to make my way through it. I know it’ll happen one day. I can sense the force of that one. Reminds me of my experience with A Clockwork Orange, how when I picked it up first, sounded like complete gibberish, then a while later picked it up, suddenly it all made sense. That channel is exceptional! They got a great series I think called “School of LIfe”, which covers a variety of interesting and relevant subjects.

      I had this idea for a book, that I was nowhere near qualified to write and don’t know why exactly I had the idea. But with Joyce’s unique viewpoint and style I wondered if he hadn’t been visited by some time traveling rambler, who filled in his perspective, maybe gave him some super juice to knock those works out. I was aware of his early demise, and perhaps some general strangeness in his story and character, but I haven’t got too deep into the subject yet. Think I did start a draft somewhere though, but then ended up in a cafe in Trieste with the author himself and realized I was in way over my head with that one. Yes, I remember now, it was a play on the mythical Big-Foot itself. My explanation for why the Big-Foot gets the big feet was that they were time travelers, and that every time-jump lead to this little distortion and accumulation, which caused their bones and stuff to get bigger. So the more jumps you did you end up looking like this Harry and the Hendersons type monster. If only time or grace will endow with me the skill!

      1. Don’t shudder, but I get that. Cool idea with the Big Foot, the Hendersons thing. For me, I read Dubliners, Portrait and Ulysses in that order. I would stop at Portrait. I’ve reread that book more than any and think it’s my #1 favorite, just the poetry in it. Dubliners has the story The Dead, which is gorgeous. It’s mired in some of that dense Irish history, its own baggage, but the humanity in the characterization can be really something. I haven’t read A Clockwork Orange but feel like I should. I’ve been doing all the Hemingway short stories these past couple weeks and enjoying how his sentence structure seems to be affecting my writing, I like that. Too much beer and tired, going to shut this down and slip into the darkness. Bye —

      2. Yeah think I might just have to commit to those first two Joyce works this year. They’re shorter too if I remember. I also have a copy of Ulysses, and am aware of the enigma it poses. It really does beg the question, what the fuck is it? Like whats the point (do we even need one outside authorial amusement) of making an almost indecipherable text? The amount of effort that goes into making something understandable is daunting enough, but to make it deliberately undecipherable is something else all together. I’m sort of a sadomasochist, big-game hunter type of reader though so one day I hope to knock that off the list.

        Big Hemingway fan. Got a collection of his short stories around here somewhere too that needs read. I love that sponge-like aspect reader-writers can develop, really cool applied knowledge type shit. Read The Sun Also Rises last year, goddamn was that a good book! And again just love the background, personal life story of that dude. Fascinating.

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