8-7-16 (Occult Sun Rising Behind Dirty Clouds)

Morning in the lab. Thoughts are scattered. Time is the motherfucker, yes? Sorry for the cursing. I apologize. Time is cool. I got no problem with it. Just got to learn how to divide and commodify. Divide and commodify. Watching this chess match, watching the clock as it runs down on the people. Watching it as I watch the clock, we’re all playing games. Realities upon realities. Realize there’s a devil trick in chess, in life, these piebald parameters. All this intelligence, skill wasted down the drain for a game.

But that’s just one aspect, one perspective. The game teaches you a lot if you let it, about resources, value, sacrifice. There’s a misconception about chess players that they know dozen of moves in advance and sit there master of the universe style, but that’s not true. There are too many possible permutations from any given move to see that far in advance.

No, each move the board must be reassessed in its total uniqueness. The trick is you learn patterns and templates. Routine teaches you, if these conditions occur this will be the result. Think of it like a story, your story, these are your pieces, assets, what will you do with them? And the clock is ticking, so figure something out, and is there a man over there, approaching this way? He flies another flag. How should you respond? Does he send a scout or a soldier? Is he setting up base? Has he crossed over into your territory? Who is the scarlet woman with the flaming red hair? 10:04AM, in the writing lab.


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