8-7-16 Update #1 (Want to talk shit about my story?)

11:10AM post, fast paced, out loud read through of draft 7 of Arms in Ankeny. Feeling, surprisingly close to being done with it. Right around 5k words, definitely fits the bill of a short story. Reading it so much you start to lose perspective on the level of entertainment it provides, and general quality of it. This fact tells me I need to get it out to other people, force them read it, give me some feed back. Just told wife, she has to read it and say five mean things. Not mean like I suck, but mean like critical improvements. She has read previous drafts so I am interested if she picks up on any changes, improvements. Anyone want to read my short-story and talk shit?

Stumbled upon this interesting site, brilliant essay on strange use of the word “do”, like in “how do you do?,”  genuine bibliophile. Check it out. Learn what these words mean, where they come from, how they operate, what you can do with them!

Reading this article, from the always worthwhile brainpickings.org, titled “Schopenauer on the Essential Difference Between How Art and Science Reveal the World.” From the Mister himself on how Artists view the world:

We may, therefore, accurately define it as the way of viewing things independent of the principle of sufficient reason, in opposition to the way of viewing them which proceeds in accordance with that principle, and which is the method of experience and of science. This last method of considering things may be compared to a line infinitely extended in a horizontal direction, and the former to a vertical line which cuts it at any point.

And later…

The first is like the innumerable showering drops of the waterfall, which, constantly changing, never rest for an instant; the second is like the rainbow, quietly resting on this raging torrent.

Yessir! Hope you’re finding rainbows amidst the torrents!


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