9-2-16 From the Writing Lab

10:ish. Feels like I haven’t been in the lab for ages. There’s a lesson in that. If you don’t make time for an activity it wont get done. You’ll do other shit. I realized today I have to write, new stuff, I mean. This whole idea of not writing but solely focusing on the editing is a fool’s errand. A remnant of some Protestant, Larry the Cable Guy (shudder) “get-er-done”, sort of impulse that something needs to be finished. Social climax must be achieved. We got to get off, don’t we?

Last night driving to the grocery, there was a guy in his forties, slim, but old man round belly, barefoot, smoking on a corn-cob pipe, staring at his setting ponderously. The setting was not ideal, small packed apartments, backside of some businesses. I worried about him walking around like that barefoot. His flattened head of greying hair told me he was a sleeper, possibly a reader too, a lounger. Out for a stretch, a smoke. Felt an affinity, it’s good to see people taking a minute to look around, soak it in for a second. Looked like a meerkat, coming above ground, surprised there was so much going on.

Yep, definitely going to start a new project. Pretty excited about this one. Coffee’s hot and plentiful, the day is open, and the scene is set, let’s go!


3 thoughts on “9-2-16 From the Writing Lab

  1. You have to find the right mix and balance between the editing and the writing, as I’m sure you know. I like to start out fresh with the writing and toggle back to the editing, and kind of “sew” it in there. The blog posts are a great place to practice, but carry the distraction of instant gratification. Its own fool’s errand, depending on your POV.

    1. Yep, think it has probably gotta be that like 80-20 split, writing and editing, to stay sane. Started that writing group last week, so that got me off the hook in a way too, knowing Ill have some other eyes on my work. Posted this and went and put up 1k words in under half an hour on the new book, and it felt fucking incredible!

      Pretty great premise actually, don’t want to spoil it, but oddly its themes are sort of in communion with our discussion of hippies yesterday. Things we love to hate, hate to love, or whatever.

      Yeah I debate how worthwhile the blog posts are sometimes. I think yours are really excellent, as they have this adventure element, which makes for great reading. I’ve been doing this journal style for a while which I like, but feels weird and half baked crafting journals for public consumption so fast. And as always the challenge seems to be to be totally honest, cuz that’s where you get the good stuff. Like that detail you had in that recent hiking series, about getting caught dick hanging. Stuff like that just makes this whole blogging thing so much fun.

      I think we might be too quick to be snarky about the state of blogging and its credibility. I mean as for as we know its a completely new technology, with implications we haven’t even considered properly. Sure its a lot of cat pictures, kid pictures, teenage and midlife angst, but its a powerful medium too that can combine a number of other mediums, is fairly cheap and easy to use, and presumably lasts forever. Imagine fifty years in the future your Grand-kids going through your kids blogging, vlogging posts, and then finding yours. We talk about in old times people having respect and honor for their ancestors, but imagine the cultural connection with the ancestors if they could be right here, in word, video, audio, talking for us, thinking for us, living for us, with us. Anyway, hope your having a good day Bill. Exceptional late summer day here in Iowa. Blue skies, chunky white clouds, green grass, seventies, breeze, presence, perfection.

      1. That’s a bit of a beef buffet there, that reply man. Thank you. That’ll last a while. Congrats on the 1k there, I love when that happens. Keep on that, as I know you will. And enjoy that Iowa sky. Time for me to whip up some tomato sauce and pop a can of ale. Bye, Bill

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