6-9-16 My Snippets

From Yesterday…

Words is an anagram for sword. It make sense too when you think about it. I hope you do. Language is weird, even weirder to think the vast majority of human beings give no thought to it, as it shapes, forms, destroys their lives. Sticks and stones and all that was some shit. A lie a spell, another important point, words help us lie. I guess so do swords.

Sometimes when I am talking to people, they’ll say they feel like I’m attacking them. It seems hard for them to accept, that I am not trying to attack them, but the words and ideas behind whatever we were talking about. They are just fine. Usually, I love the person, which makes it more challenging and heavy. I’m learning to apologize, give it a second, take a deep breath. Explain. I’m not trying to attack you. I’m just passionate about x,y,z.

No excuse to be a dick, you might retort. But then I would rebut, says who? You? Why? See how you take the position and fight now. What’s the difference when I do it? Because I have more words? No, its more than that. It’s the size, the voice, the instinctual, primordial threat that is a frustrated, angry, grown man. It’s the spirit too. There’s heat. The Holy Spirit. You can have it too. Want to know the secret? The Truth. Fix your eye on The Truth and never look away, no matter what. A spiritual geyser will explode in self that can burn away all existential doubt, if you let it.

I’ve played with words so much that brain is starting to do this weird thing where when I read a word I’ll read it wrong and do a double take and have to reread it. It’s always similar to the word that actually is there, but sometimes it makes for hilarious puns. Like “important” for “importing” which in the recent passage from Ken Kesey’s Demon Box made it more sarcastic and humorous. I realize it’s because the way I read, in a Virgoan, intuitive way. I hold on to no detail, scanning words, deciphering meaning from the big strokes. This phenomena of brain filling in details is worth considering. It teaches you the artist is in more control of his reality, than the average person, because art teaches you to pay attention to and shape the details. This is what is meant by conscious and unconscious activity. Art imitates life imitates art.



Words can tell you a lot about things. For instance, “God” and “gods” at first, you might think the only distinction is the first is a singular word and the second is a plural word. This is technically true but when we focus in a meaning, things get more confusing. What is a a “god” if there are multiple of them? I mean think about this a cat, and cats, there is no reversal of concepts, no presentation of thesis and anti-thesis, but in God and gods there most certainly is. You need an understanding of history, religious history, more specifically, to make sense of the difference, and even then things are confusing. But the words themselves clue us in to the issue. Do you believe in God or gods? Or both? Or neither?


One thought on “6-9-16 My Snippets

  1. I like the way you describe your reading style, in big brush strokes, intuitive, to capture the writer’s meaning, that’s good. There’s a lot to that I think. Nice piece Austin. I almost wrote nice pice Austin but that’s just because I haven’t had coffee yet.

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