On Words and Their Effects


11:20AM On a reading spree, spect it’ll keep on til end of October. I can feel them. Words calling out, wanting to be poured in, sucked down. Stories that need to be told, waiting to be told, and I am thee motherfucker to do it. Never had any real desire to really travel, though I feel a dull imperative calling at my end of days, a gypsy seed laying dormant. Now I do my travel on the pages, one word at a time. And the shit I have experienced would turn your hair grey. It’s giving me perspective on my perspective, how closed in we all are in our culture, the shit our families and the TV pours in.

You hear about these clowns scaring people down in South Carolina. Straight out of Stephen King’s It. The author recently weighed on the happenings here, said he was freaked out. I bet. Weird too, when you think about, if you followed his work. Spoiler alert here, but at the end of his magnum opus The Dark Tower series, King becomes a character in the novel. Why couldn’t it go the other way? The monsters we make up in our heads come to life. They do in the obvious psychological sense, but what in the really real sense? Terrifying. But, the rationalist would call bullshit, just some assholes getting off, by scaring people in the woods. Cause that’s what sensible adult men do, in the gun-toting, weirdo hating, trigger happy South.

Makes me think about those two young girls, who attempted a murder for the “Slender-Man” character. Claimed that he instructed them to do it, and that their reward would be a mansion in the woods. Makes me think of the mansion-world of imagination in Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. I understand that book has been made a TV series now, I should check it out. Anyway, the faerie like, “The Gentleman” of that story leads Arabella Strange to a mansion in the woods. Always made me think of the Blondie song and video Rapture. There a much larger issue here of occultism, magic. The Jungian answer is that this is all a play of the Shadow-Self. Nothing to see here. Just you scaring yourself, so get out of the bathroom. We’ll see won’t we….


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