9-13-16 Journal Snippet

Got stung by a wasp Sunday. Went to pick up a stick and move it while mowing, flung the bastard on me. Felt like an ant at first, they’ve been in contact, but when I felt the pinch, and saw the lil fucker burrowing in, I realized the truth. I ripped it out, stormed around, cursed like a madman, went back to mowing defiantly. When I went inside we went through all the bullshit remedies for things like this, lavender oil in the wound, baking soda paste on the arm, Gregorian chanting. None if it worked, hours later arm was swelling, itchy as shit, bad enough I had to have my wife run to pharmacy to get the benadryl. I was embarrassed by my swelling member, feared sight of it might cause a panic, send them running for an epipen or ambulance.

Been battling that for last two days. Bendaryl made me sleepy, grouchy. Parenting little ones is oddly physical too. Loss of my dominant arm left me flustered. Makes you think too how weak our bodies are, how easily things can invade. Just a little swelling and redness had my whole ;eft arm out of commission. The thing pinged me for a second, with a minuscule amount of poison, and it did that much damage. There’s a lesson in there: small things can have a huge affect. Words and emotions most of all…

Reading: Hill & Rodriguez Locke and Key VOl 2 Head GamesTom Sawyer Abroad and Other Tales by Mark Twain.


2 thoughts on “9-13-16 Journal Snippet

    1. Almost recovered. Kept having My Girl flashbacks to 1991, you ever see that flick? Terribly awful and sad. Don’t watch it if you haven’t! Poor Macaulay. Thanks for saying hello.

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