9-16-16 Morning Dispatch

9s and 6s are almost the same, but reversed. Mirrored. Remember that. There’s you and you reversed. If you don’t remember that, you might miss some important parts of the story.The day is mine, the lab is mine, the words are there, if I chose to bend down and scope them up. There’s a hesitation, an existential hang-over from the birthday. Not a real hang over, note. Deep in caves of self-development, alcohol and other distractions become true controlled substances.

I’ve lost the ability to “celebrate” from the Latin, “of the Mass, celebratus, much-frequented; kept solemn; famous,” Yep, that’s about it. Really I hate it, that, your special day as a “celebrity” where praise and treasures shall be thrown at your feet vibe. I know that makes me sound like such an asshole, spoil sport, to a large portion of people. Genuinely, I feel bad that my cold attitude might give them grief, but fact remains I don’t like it; I’m sorry. Holiday. Holy-Days. Prescribed patterns of behavior days. My Birthdays have often been marked by dark omens, or so it seems to me, I stole the day from my 18yr old Uncle,  cake in the face and outrage at one, perpetrated by soon-to-be deceased Aunt, a tortured teasing of a Go-Cart at thirteen, which would later be hocked in an impending divorce, dissolved into a hundred dollars and a BBGUN, riots, violence, broken hearts at 21, you get the picture…

So yes in development I have set my eye on the greater prize, revenge. Against the thing, the “It”, the archon, that embedded itself in our culture, in our oversoul, so that’s what I’m going to do today, strike the forge, ring the hammer, breathe the smoke. I see its wispy black tail right there…ahhh, quiet now….


3 thoughts on “9-16-16 Morning Dispatch

  1. It’s a tangent, but the 6/9 reversal and mirror image thing reminds me of that parallel universe from DC comics, a theme I was considering for a post I never wrote (a version of Ned Flanders I knew in Germany, who worked the beer store, but he was a total dick, unkind, the exact opposite). I’m coming back to listen to these Dead videos later after I get my chores done. And I like the link to that Gnostic word, dude.

    1. I love parallel universe stuff. Have you heard of this recent meme, thought experiment thing called “the Mandela effect”where there seems to be a collective false memory which people attribute to ripples in the multiverse. So like with Mandela, some people are certain the famous African civil right leader died while in prison, when in fact he was released.

      Or like small details in movies and culture have changed, like Tom Hanks movie Apollo 13, where the line is “Houston, we have a problem.” but apparently the line is “Houston we’ve had a problem”or in Snow White, the famous line “Mirror, mirror….” is actually “Magic mirror on the wall” or some none sense like that. “Snow White”, say that phrase a million times like a mantra and see if you don’t end up in the Land of Oz…good day Bill, time for some new words!

      1. That’s killer. You pull me into holes but I like it. Now I have to cut grass though, maybe for the last time….

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