11:46AM Got over 1k words on WIP, pretty great, scary stuff. I don’t dare divulge the premise at this point, but it’s ornery as hell. I realize I didn’t explicitly answer the why, in the why are things so fucked post. I was getting there in umbra talk, the immaterial state of existence and nonexistence, which we emerge from. The truth is I’m not exactly sure why things are so fucked. I have theories, speculations, evidence, but not really a specific why. Perhaps there isn’t one why like that, some all inclusive answer. Perhaps the question is just too general to really matter. I see that.

4:16PM Realized angst-ridden rant posts are part of problem. As an apology I offer a list of solutions to the Suck…

-Jimi Hendrix
-Foot Rubs
-Hot Coffee
-Conversation with the Muse
-Effigy Mounds
-Pyramid at Giza
-The Sphinx
-Ray Bradbury
-Our Fathers and Hail Marys
-Ten Deep Breaths With Your Eyes Closed


6 thoughts on “Later…

    1. My trying to be cool answer would be like Machine Gun, but I really like Hey Joe, know a real simple version of that on the guitar, The Wind Cries Mary, Purple Haze, really just all of it. Love watching the live footage of him on youtube. Otherwordly, like Blake said of babies, “trailing clouds of glory.” My Dad got me going on the Jimi early. Salute patriarchy.

      1. You don’t need to try to sound cool but thanks for playing along. My tinnitus is in full gear here with this Nirvana, damn. Worth it though.

      2. Tinnitus! Yes, had to go to dictionary. What a great fucking word! And phenomena. Ruined my hearing with the ghetto blaster, subwoofer stuff in High School, I think.

        Really liked your recent series. Think in a good way they communicate with what I was ranting about, like the guy about the shit-hole that is Abderdeen (favorite line in a Dead Song Loser, “if I had a gun for ever ace I had drawn, I could arm a town the size of Aberdeen). Got my cackles up a bit to be honest. I wanted to defend the rain. Defend the dirt. Bet it is a fine place if you look at it right…maybe. But Cobain, kind a like the operating world-view seems just seems destined to be broken. I hate that shit. Hate having to accept it, bemoan it.

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