Snippets 73

Ursula. K. Le Guin-Lavinia

Though people often confused it with weakness or duplicity, tact is a great quality in a ruler, whether of a country or a household; awareness of the other allows respect, and people respond to it, returning the recognition and the respect. Aeneas governed with tact, and was beloved for it. (204)


6 thoughts on “Snippets 73

  1. I did me some Aeneas (bad name to mispronounce) when I took Latin for a few years. Man, why did I take Latin? The teacher wasn’t even hot, more kind of grouchy and PMS like. Probably from the Latin or the Aeneas gland.

    1. I took the Latin too, in college to skip larger chunk of the speaking aspect of more more language, didn’t really work… did have an attractive Latin instructor though. Something powerful in a healthy balance of both intelligence and attractiveness, think I just swooned a little.

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