Solution Farmhouse

Life is complicated, an obvious statement, but totally true. What the hell should I do with my life? That’s the question that really seems to drive adulthood. And even when the answer to that question becomes obvious, fate and reality have a way of popping up and changing things. This isn’t always bad though. It’s more about cycling. I like to say “upcycling” and “downcycling”. I know that might seem bipolar, but it’s not. Most people don’t swing that far from the extremes. Most have a slight tendency towards positivism, or a slight tendency towards pessimism.

Just about six years ago we bought a house right in the middle of Des Moines, Iowa. It’s not a huge city, but it’s enough of a city to have a bunch of city type issues. When we started our search for a house we wanted a place out in the country, a small acreage. It was our first home, and with number one fresh out the womb, our prospects made us a little nervous. We were on a tight budget, and many places required extensive rehabilitation. We found a place on a larger lot in the city, which was large enough and nice enough, that we thought it would work. We started gardens, asparagus, berries, put hardwood floor in through the upstairs, updated the insulation, etc. Overall we loved the place and felt great about our decision.

Six years the call of the country could not be quieted. Over about the last year it got very persistent. I had scoured realty sites like, seeing cheaper properties with the land and ability to fulfill some of these dreams. A place popped up about a month ago that was too great to ignore. We saw it, tried to float a contingent deal to the sellers, they denied us. The house sold like a week later. We were bummed but recognized it was for the best. We rededicated ourselves to the sensible approach, keep paying off debt, make the best of the situation.

The dream persisted, gave it up for days but then it would come back. Kept checking out properties. As we thought about it, it seemed to us like moving was definitely the best idea. We could possibly drop ten grand off our mortgage, and get out of the larger house at a good time. All our guys are still young so not super attached to school or friends. As the subject was brought back to the forefront, the safe idea became well wait until the new year, after Winter and tax time, and I read somewhere that February was a good time to sell. But then like ten days ago, I don’t even remember the exact circumstance, but my mind, body and soul just crossed over. I realized our current house was just a place, like any other place, and it offered no more or less security then any other place. That the ultimate security I thought I needed was the umbra, a nothingness, which wasn’t really safe at all when you thought about it.

It would all be the same amount of work now or then, so why not start now and get it over with. Wife and I powwowed, got the tingle of change. Realized that we had what it takes to make our dreams come true. House in the city has been listed for a week. Started packing. Hunting farm houses. Got an offer in right now. Crazy farm house from the 1900s on 2 acres. Old and full of cobwebs, frightening carpets, yellowed wallpaper, no fridge, .22 hole in one of the windows. We’re making an offer on it. I can’t wait! (1:10PM)


7 thoughts on “Solution Farmhouse

  1. Holy crap that’s exciting Austin! Keep us informed, fingers crossed for you. Check behind any art they have hung up too, that’s a good place to hide bullet holes.

    1. Thank you. Yeah you figure lower caliber fire like that, what’s the worry? And I’m pretty sure someone got shot up at the Dollar General like a month ago, a few blocks from my current house. When in Rome, right? Excited for the adventure and the adventure writing. And did you know chicken are quite delicious?

    1. Thank you! Actually got our first perspective buyers at the city house coming to check it out tonight. So who knows, could be in the country real soon. Thank again for your words of encouragement!

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