Platform of the No-Vote Party

It feels like a dirty thing to say, half of me loves that, the other half is embarrassed, but since Obama Part 1, I am firm member of the No-Vote Party. There are fairly elaborate Constitutional, Legal and Natural Rights based theories that I could offer in support of this position. I instead, as an artist, will turn to analogy and metaphor. Move to a new house and discover two gangs own your neighborhood, they employ basic strong-arm tactics pay us a fee, and we will protect you from the other guys. Both gangs seem to have equal force, and they have established a Mafia strong hold for decades. You can pledge either gang and receive a sort of pass, you won’t be directly targeted, but because it’s a gangland, things aren’t that great. And the amount of the pay-off is always changing, and sometimes the street level guys grab your wife around the shoulders, ask her if she wants go get a drink. And you got to send your kids to the gang’s school, where both gangs send their kids, and before you know it they come home pledging a party line. You get the idea. This is the American political structure. To participate is insanity. The only option is to withdraw consent and run.

On purely Democratic ground the No-Vote party is the strongest, with almost 60% of the population, made up of mainly non-white poor people. I’m basically white, but doubly poor, so I still feel an accepted member. There are some unfavorable sorts, felons I mean, but at least they are interesting and know how to hold their liquor. There are no other collective platforms or beliefs of the No-Vote Party. I would like to suggest the somewhat literary mascot and slogan, from Melville’s Bartleby, “I would prefer not to.” Much like the ingenious character I suggest a similar course. Stay but withdraw your will. Withdrawal your will from a system run by crooks and liars, by wealthy special interest groups, by big money that doesn’t care about you, or this land. I would like to hope the compatriots in the No-Vote party feel the same. Realistically, I know that apathy fuels this majority, but I like to think it is an apathy produced by the realization that every four years this farce of a choice is played out with the same exact names and faces and agenda. All a sane person can do is sit back and say boldly, “I’d prefer not.”



6 thoughts on “Platform of the No-Vote Party

  1. I spent some recent time digging into that Bartleby quote and there’s some funny criticism or theory around what he was really going for there. For me, when I read that story, and reflecting back upon it many years later, it signals that one doesn’t exist in society without working. I see it on that level though there are other interpretations. And I suppose it carries over if you don’t vote too, that you don’t exist in a sense. Wasn’t there a line from a Rush song about this (Free Will):
    You can choose a ready guide
    In some celestial voice
    If you choose not to decide
    You still have made a choice

    1. I took a course exclusively on Melville, which was awesome. From what I remember dude was basically unacknowledged in his lifetime. Also think it’s awesome that the unabridged version of Moby Dick, is like the encyclopedia of whales, and when you consider it in that framework, you realize just how fucking great whales are! Leviathan!

      I like to think the No-Vote Party is the ultimate political act of choice and Free Will. Love those lyrics and that song. I’m thinking of trying to get Swedish, or Irish, repatriation. But I think there both in EU, so not sure how that would go down.

      1. Dude we have to rap about Melville sometime, the theory my wife has is that his writing style is impossible to map to today, the way we think and operate. Like, our brains aren’t wired to deal with his circumlocution. Like, he describes things in that non linear roundabout way the Indians tell stories. Bill (you can choose from phantom fears and kindness that can kill)

      2. I love that idea, and I think it’s definitely true. And sort of devastating really. Think Melville might have just jumped to the front of the bus on the To-Read list. Was reviewing his wiki, and reading about the book that came after Moby Dick, Pierre or the Ambiguities, which is apparently more psychological and satirical. Trying to get to 36 books on the year and I’m a little behind, so some Melville might not be the be best thing to get involved with. That’s the real challenge of reading, so much good stuff out there.

      3. Tell me about it. I’m slow. Frankly just delighted you take the time to read mine, thank you. Glad we hooked up.

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