Moon-Day Musings

First thing in the morning, found a dead rabbit next to the truck. Seems like a bad omen. I note it, but pushed forward ont he emergency coffee run. What else can you do?

I grab it later, with a latex glove on. I get my two little guys into the truck without them seeing it. Cold and heavy, it still looks alive as it lays there. Sort of freaks me out. I expect it to maybe jump up when I grab it, but of course it doesn’t. March back to the border lands, toss it into the bush. Maybe whatever got it can finish it or something else.
World getting tense, but I feel a positive shift personally. Maybe, let’s not jinx it.

Stacked the reading list with shorter works, or what I like to call, “padding the reading list”. A dangerous technique, that I’ve discussed before. I’ve taken down twenty-eight book for the year, which leaves me two behind on my goal of thirty six.  Just finished Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman. That was great. Got me in the mood to write a bunch of short stories. There a lot easier to finish too, which is fun. Maybe I’ll share them here.

Monday, Moon-Day. I like Mondays. Really like the moon too. Read today, about this corporation Moon Express, which is making the first private company to have the US governments approval to conduct business on the moon. What sort of business you might ask? Oh you know collect some moon dust, transport items for other parties, like satellites or even infrastructure for other moon missions. At best sound like a bunch of non-sense, at worst it seems very strange and almost smoke screen-ish. First of all don’t think an inflated bubble market on moon dust helps anyone. Secondly, the moon is beneficial to the Earth itself so just sort of having an open door policy to a private corporation to mine it, sounds like a bad idea. Obviously in the short term they would be talking about mining small amounts. But history proves this sort of thinking is fraught with peril. Once possession and precedent are established its very hard to get people’s greedy little paws of it. The worst element is that this doesn’t make a bit of fucking sense!!!

NASA is taking a secondary, non-enforceable, advising role in the endeavor. Also the idea that a company is acting privately, but had to be explicitly approved by a bunch of Federal agencies, seems contradictory in way. More over why hasn’t NASA and the government itself capitalized on these potential earning and developments. From this article:

While the challenges of getting to the moon today pale in comparison to the Apollo program—Moon Express’s first mission will cost about $25 million versus the more than $100 billion spent the first time—many legal hurdles remain. Earth orbit and outer space are governed by UN treaties made when reaching the moon was a herculean national task, not a challenge for entrepreneurs with VC funding.

I am a simple person. But this doesn’t make sense. I went and checked the wiki and total budget from 1958-2015 is sort of 526 Billion and some change, or about 9 billion a year. And when you read further it’s actually edging on a trillion! A fucking trillion dollars in sixty some years. Wrap you nugget around that! And you really believe they are just putzing along, doing some math and chemistry in some basement somewhere? And now finally, as there are numerous private entities rushing into the space business, and slowly people just keep waking up to the cosmos and the fantastic reality around them, they just decide to let this lucky company Moon Express make this big step forward. The clear headed begin to say this doesn’t make sense. Again, simple, stupid man questions. But after the first successful Apollo mission, why didn’t we go back? Somewhere in the that trillion. Once even, to get this elusive Moon-Dust business up and running? Anyway, the Moon is amazing. A lot of great stuff out there about it. Check out Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara’s book Dark Mission, for further reading.


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