Snippets 91 

Oryx and Crake-Margaret Atwood 

“The male frog, in mating season,” said Crake, “makes as much noise at it can. The females are attracted to the male frog with the biggest, deepest voice because it suggests a more powerful frog, one with superior genes. Small male frogs–it’s been documented–discover that if they position themselves in empty drainpipes, the pipe acts as a voice amplifier, and the small frog appears much larger than it really is.”


“So that’s what art is, for the artist,” said Crake. “An empty drainpipe. An amplifier. A stab at getting laid.” (168) 

Snippets 93

The Three Musketeers-Alexander Dumas 

“To ask me if I want money.”

“That’s true. How much do you want?”

“All you have in gold.”

“I have five hundred pistoles, or thereabouts.”

“I have as much. With a thousand pistoles one may face everything. Empty your pockets.” 


“Right. And you go–” 

“In an hour–time to eat a morsel, during which I shall send for a post horse.” 

“Capital! Adieu, Chevalier” 

“Adieu, Countess.” 

“Commend me to the cardinal.”

“Commend me to Satan.” 

Milady and Rochefort exchanged a smile and separated. (1137) 

Snippets 90

The End of Eternity-Isaac Asimov 

Cooper, coming from an era in which advertisement was not as wildly proliferation as it was in the later Centuries of Primitive tiles, found this all difficult to appreciate. He said, “Isn’t it rather disgusting the way these people blow their own horn? Who would be fool enough to believe a person’s boasting about his own products? Would he admit defects? Is he likely to stop at any exaggeration?” 

Snippets 88

Brave New World-Aldous Huxley 

The Savage’s face lit up with a sudden pleasure. “Have you read it too?” he asked. “I thought nobody knew about that book here, in England.” 

“Almost nobody. I’m one of the very few. It’s prohibited, you see. But as I make the laws here, I can also break them. With impunity, Mr. Marx,” he added, turning to Bernard. Which I’m afraid you can’t do.” 

Bernard sank into a yet more hopeless misery.

“But why is it prohibited?” asked the Savage. In the excitement of meeting a man who had read Shakespeare he had momentarily forgotten everything else. 

The Controller shrugged his shoulders. “Because it’s old; that’s the chief reason. We haven’t any use for old things here.” (219) 

New Wrestler 

Boys just discovered professional wrestling. I’ll hear them up in their room, rasslin, playing the characters. The oldest does the announcer voice and commentary. The one rule of play wrestling is no one get hurts! 

Today as I had one of them wrapped up in a bear hug I thought of a new character. Johnny Real. He would come out, no music, just like the light the janitor uses to sweep the place out on. Probably just wearing jeans, non branded grey t-shirt. He would enter the ring carefully and then stand in one corner. Every once in a while a flash of disgust would cross his face, but generally he would just look bored. 

Bell rings, he would engage and then do the most basic, and yet adaqaute self defense to disable his opponent. Arm bars, rear chokes, joint work, Krav Maga. Just competent collegiate style wrestling, pin, submission, break stuff, then just out he goes. No lights. No music. Just back up the ramp and out to his publicly parked Honda Civic.  

And his opponents would do all the usual stuff, but he just wouldn’t react. Guy off the ropes he’s just move out of the way. That stomp punching, he’d laugh at. “That doesn’t hurt,” he’d taunt the crowd. “He’s not even hitting me!” 

Stream while the children Play-Doh (On Heidegger, Being, TV, Freemasonary, as above so below, Pontius Pilate, Einstein)

Being and space, I think of Heidegger in a word pairing like that. Majority of people probably have no clue who Heidegger even is, and I don’t hold that against them. Really no reason to. I don’t know too much about him either. I have read a little of his work in pursuit of economically questionable English and Philosophy degrees. Degrees. So much to that word and philosophy, but we won’t stop there. Heidegger was a mid-20th century German philosopher, ignore questions of Nazism, wrote a book called Being and Time, where he analyzes what being means. Gets pretty tiresome when you read it from what I remember. Think he could have summed it up by saying something like, “Imagine you sit there, in front of a large window. You are free for the day, to do whatever it is you would like. But it’s raining, and the patter of the drops, make a music. A relaxing music, and in listening to it, you forget what you thought you had to do, even who you are. But you’re there listening to the rain, and that’s something in itself.” 

Reality was flickering last night. Plugged in the antenna for the TV a couple weeks ago. It had been so long that everything just seems so weird. Like the commercials, the true crime shows, dramas, sitcoms, laugh tracks. The schizophrenic news, FBI busting pedophiles with the Geek Squad at Best Buy, and North Korea is launching ICBMs at Japan, and how about that weather Kevin? 

Rainy. It’s been raining for days. I sit at the window, watching the rain, watching the hillside turn green under the grey. TV went on symbolic rampage, Masonic compass and square, triangle/upside-down triangle, symbolizing the ancient and first hermetic truth, as above, so below. It’s there on the owner’s hat, whose talking about a recent shooting outside his place. There’s a “g” in the middle of it, clear freemasonry, stands for god or geometry, or something. His bar is checkered patterned. 

Turn the channel. There’s a movie, set in Roman times, generals and their armies are debating what punishment should be doled out to a somewhat androgynous looking girl, in aqua colored toga, symbol of Truth and Justice, Wisdom, Virgo, Isis. The head guy, in a Pontius Pilate type move, let’s the mob decide what should be done to her. He has the triangles on his cloak, a prominent one right at the neck of his garment. His lackey behind him has a black and white, checkered motif on his garment too.

 Head guy’s wife wants her whipped and paraded naked through the city, just like she was. This is agreed to, but then a noble savage comes forward, note after she is whipped once fulfilling the punishment, stays the whip, and then swirls around the girl with his troops so the Queen lady can’t get to her. 

It’s on several other things commercials, and whatever. So what? That’s what you’re saying. Triangles, shapes, what does it matter? Nothing, probably. It is weird though how that idea, as above, so below, is found in so many things. It’s symbolized by the Oak tree which is identifiable because it branches and leaves structure mirror a root system. How accessible geometry could be used to measure the planets and great distances, and then how cells and atoms were picked apart with the same suspicion, that it was all repeated, all fractal. It how’s the mind comprehends everything, through association and deduction, this is like this, so this will be like that, and it usually works, so hooray. 

The days are the same. It’s all relative. That was the weird symbol too on the TV, a distraught Einstein selling cell phone service. Commercial and concept were half baked, couldn’t see the relevancy. Heard somewhere Einstein was a scallywag, highjacked his old Lady’s work and passed it off as his own, exploited a gender bias in academia. The world moves so fast it seems like we’re standing still. Doesn’t get much weirder than that?