Slice of the morning stream, with excessive coffee, 4/2/17

Up early, lil Coen, two, still sick. It’s interesting in life how right when you start maybe, hopefully, getting your own shit together, you take on other human beings and try to help them get it together. Like we can’t wait to break out of the parent bubble when we come of age, but then we often dive right back into it and become parents ourselves. Decided to run some errands Sunday morning. Maybe that was part of the problem, going off the reservation. 

I’m a super reluctant vaccine user/supplier. My wife and I did a fair amount of research on the issue when our first was born. She’s a nurse too, so the discussion went fairly deep. Ultimately we vaccinate on an alternative schedule the basic vaccines which are needed for school. It’s a complex issue like everything else. I understand there are super dangerous illnesses, like polio, where vaccination seems smart, but the new urge for wholesale enforcement of vaccines is something else I think. 

Point is, my kids get sick every time they take them, all of them have shifts in their affect afterwards, meaning you can notice a slight downshift in their moods. They look spacier, and get dark circles, bags under their eyes. And what’s also making it hard is, that besides the time when they go get these shots, they are super healthy! Rarely do we even have a need for a doctor. Of course they get occasional coughs or stomach aches like anyone else, but it ends up being a day bug, sleep it off thing, and then it’s back at it. And I remember growing up getting chicken pox and they’d shove your brother and sister in the room too, and everyone would sit around for a day watching tv and dabbling lotion on the itchy spots. I’m ranting, I apologize. Just saying, kids make things complicated.

Everything becomes a negotiation, a struggle when you start a family. In modern times it feels like you need Machiavellian skill to navigate. With so many mixed families it is often hard to find a solid side to stand on. In my life it feels like I am trying to reinvent an ideal family scenario. Two parents, cohabitation, kids, cooperative and immersed development of family. Meaning, shocker, we try to spend a lot of time together. Only one of us works, supplying us with a stay at home parent, and regular three-day weekends. We skip preschool and focus that year on some homeschooling, “unschooling” type of activities. We read most nights together before bed. 

I’m jumping here. Don’t care though. Finished The Three Musketeers. Huge fan of Dumas. Great life story. Dad was the muscle behind Napoleon, a slave from a French colony sugar plantation, Haiti I think, or an island next to it. Read about his life in the great book, The Black Count by Tom Reis. Father Dumas was a super hero, a black Caribbean dude holding the Alps against these legendary German troops. His son would be epitomize the Renaissance, birthed in blood and tragedy and heights of civilization, but always a a stranger at court, in all places. 

Wealth of intrigue with Dumas, plenty of spiritual and occult lessons on trinity and quaternary in this book. For instance, first glance would make you think there were just three musketeers of important, but the main character D’Artagan, the Gascon, is the protagonist of the story and the fourth musketeer. Of course the Catholic concept of the Trinity comes to mind, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, which may relate to the more philosophical Mind, Body and Spirit. The three Musketeers could correlate to this trinity as well. Athos is the head and leader, Porthos is known by his large body and his worldly way, Aramis is spiritual and plans to join a convent and become an Abbe, when all this drama and battle is finally over, of course. Combined with D’Artagan, and doubled with their lackeys, we have 8 and I begin to suspect the Tree of Life, numerology, Tarot, Kabbalah type symbolism at play. This was confirmed in spades with the femme fatal character of M’lady, a personification I think of the Shekinah, the Talmudic concept of the feminine manifestation of the divine power. Or even more importantly M’lady as the proto-Eve of the Kabbalah, Lilith, damned hypocritically and scapegoated for the egregious faults of humankind. M’lady is beheaded, a symbol of the spirit’s rational defects, on the river Lys (Styx), by an executioner garbed in Roman red, and wrapped up in the four sided pack, and carried away. I’ll let you make sense of all that….


2 thoughts on “Slice of the morning stream, with excessive coffee, 4/2/17

    1. Yeah that one is in my favorites list for sure, especially with the backstory. Something timeless and quick in Dumas’ writing, huge books but you’re rarely bored. Got The Black Tulip, Man in the Iron Mask, and the Borgias on the to-read list from him too. All free on the iBooks thingy on the phone. Good stuff.

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