All Hail the Redman Continued…

I recognize the alleged racism in the myth of the noble savage. The dehumanizing effects of creating a juvenile like super hero, or villain, of another people. I know the Redman had blood on his hands too. I know. I know. Everything is academic now. It’s a voice, a perspective, says don’t hold on to anything too long, don’t believe too much. The winning position is no position, no opinion. Live and let live. 

Resting in a warm sudsy bath of mediocrity and social acceptance is enough for most of us. I know it’s enough for me. I cling to it. The quiet night of non-activity, floating in domestic lethargy; it could go on forever I think; I hope it does. No, more, it drives me insane that any second it could be stolen from me, and that I’m forced into a confused groundhogs day of cognitive dissonance. I have stolen heaven. I love my children more than the world, but I must care and even somehow I guess love the world too, because they need it. They will be of it and in it, and they model our behavior with it. They know it through us, and us through it. They check our record to thee record and make their own accounting. Dialectic. 

Hail the Redman. What does it mean beyond that then? In my accounting, the Great Lie is that Babylon matters. Babylon, meaning the city space, the laws, the roads, the taxes, the concrete, the clocks, everything. We think that network is the big deal, but it’s not, that’s just what you got now. There’s another perspective that says the dirt is real, and fresh air is real. That words are real and truth has meaning. And courage and honor mean something. And love means something too. They tricked you into thinking the opposite of love was hate, but the true opposite of love is apathy, antipathy. Disinterest. Disuse. Babylon loves disposabliltiy. The end, send it down the line. Make a sludge, toss it into the soda. Sorry. Hail the Redman. 

The Red Man of the Americas get special praise for a number of reasons. Biggest one, how they dealt with their trash. Piled it up in great ceremonies into the pleasing shapes of animals. Laid out large enough to entertain the heavens. The honored husks of the recently passed were buried too. The ground was now sacred, honored, and the new tools and life could be made again. Hail the Redman. 

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