Tell me I’m wrong…please. 

Paging Dr. Freud

Britney and I were discussing a book last night, The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson, before bed. I emphasized how the whole thing connects to my critique of the “Academic Mindset”, aka smart-stupid people, aka intelligence without wisdom. Basically how we’re all psychos, all insane. And really, what’s up with all these waked out psych-spooks “experiments” like Oak Ridge, or the Stanford Prison Experiments, and don’t they prove the real aim of modern Psychiatry is social control, mind control. The way psychotropic medicines were just rolled out and mass assimilated is alarming, no terrifying. But the even deeper fear that creeps in, and that I brought out through The Fall by Camus, is how it all showed that the academic mindset is unavoidable, and inextricable, that we were manifesting the mindset in the conversation itself. The fact that by the process of becoming intelligent and informed you actually move away from the truth. It’s unsettling. Brit says it’s ruined her career in health-care. The whole mess of healthcare just being full of this sort of madness, and her developing inability to shut off the critique monster; I fear I have infected her.  

I think why Psychopathy is so hard to define is we don’t want to include a moral, or spiritual element to it. With Progressivism we’ve been taught it’s unsophisticated and inhumane to see those with mental illness as morally/socially inferior. A complicated thought for sure, one most usually tossed out in a Freshman level history class, usually with gruesome detail about the barbarism of the past, Nazis, Plague carts and the Asylum, but pretty important in the larger present social sphere I’d say. There’s a logic to the insanity plea, hard for me to describe in the current stream, but basically it’s that if a person doesn’t have intent to do something, then it’s less criminally egregious, which beneficially gives us degrees of penalties. This is the basis for alternative treatment and judgement of minors in the judicial system. It brings with it though, as we see in our modern world a number of issues. There’s a inherent problem at the center of the US mental health and criminal justice system, which is as Progressive policies are further engrained and developed, the prison population and diagnosed population continue to rise, at an alarming rate. This means we always have to build new facilities and new monitoring techniques to keeps tabs on everybody. More importantly you are normalizing insane behavior, which I would speculate leads to evil people using mental illness as a cloak to hide/justify the issue. There is a Christ-like absolution of all sins offered by psychiatry, as long as you submit to the Priest class and take your wafers quietly. Tell me I’m wrong…please. 

Doctrine of the Two Swords 
Found this while looking for cool Christ Art. Oddly relevant as always. From Wikipedia: 

According to the doctrine, God rules the worldly or left-hand kingdom through secular (and, though this point is often misunderstood, also churchly[citation needed]) government, by means of law [i.e., the sword or compulsion]) and in the heavenly or right-hand kingdom (his spiritual kingdom, that is, Christians insofar as they are a new creation who spontaneously and voluntarily obey) through the gospel or grace.

3 thoughts on “Tell me I’m wrong…please. 

  1. Got to love the doctrine of the two swords, that old-time symbology stuff. Totally into that. We should poke a fire sometime and rhapsodize. Hate the notion of the evil masquerading as “ill,” a concept that intrigues me.

    1. Yeah it couldn’t be two cuddling blankets or something nice like that. Like I said think the Camus really got to me. I’m uncomfortable with most of what I wrote here, but it’s hard to argue a lot of it. And when you really stop to think about what they’re saying in the Two Sword System it blows the mind. It’s like Lord of the Rings type stuff, but real, sort of, maybe. Would love a fire jam anytime, really liking your current run.

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