More to the Moon 

La Lune (major arcana)

Full moon out my window. It’s glowing, it’s edge losing its distinction, vibrating with its stolen luminosity. A perfect movie moon. A moon that ninjas would jump across. Cloud and space create a three dimensional backdrop. A stage. For who or what we cannot be sure. We are just the audience. In the nose-bleed seats, but the house is packed. The stories sent to the heart, works up the throat into the mouth, closes the eyes, and dances in the frontal lobe. When it’s full it will grant you wishes, your heart’s desire. But always be careful, things have a funny way of turning out. The waves pass, a vessel in the sea, a light house in the distance. 

5 thoughts on “More to the Moon 

  1. I like the artist you chose for that design, there. Something WAY primal and weird about the shellfish/crab imagery in these cards. I’ll go look for it now. Like how you ended with the lighthouse image. I just prepped mine for tomorrow AM and there’s a lighthouse in it too, nice. Nighty-night.

    1. Pretty sure the crab is astrological Cancer. Brit (wife) is a Cancer , which is a moon sign as I recall. Hard, impenetrable surface level, protects sensitive insides, something like that. Can’t wait to read yours, thanks for chiming it!

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