The Moon From My Porch 

Like a perfectly circled cut of light,

Out of the firmament, 

It shines. 

Blue, to purple, to pink, 

Provides the the backdrop. 

Intrepid birds, flutter and chirp in amazement.

It’s not possible, but there it is.

Ancient symbol of the deeper truth. 

Stationary, yet always changing. Illusions, obscuring hard realities. 

2 thoughts on “The Moon From My Porch 

  1. Funny, I’ve been wanting to use the word “firmament” recently for some reason and there you go, you did. Yes, it was a full moon Sunday I think – and we landed in Germany that day, but it was snowing, so we saw no moon. And I’m OK with that, was grateful for the snow. Cheers.

    1. Yeah just dying waiting for the snow around these parts. This last moon was exceptional! So awesome when you get that luminescent crown around it, that lights up the world at night. Hope your travels are safe and eventful, was gonna tell you too, you’re definitely meant to write on the road, these last post of yours have been awesome, classic pinklightsabre!

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